Crisp mas!

I remeber Crisp mas. I casnot believe it has beed a whole big long year already. This time last year Penny had a hurted knee from doing bad chasings of sheep and I just beed learning about Crispmas. We is counting down the days till Santa paws comes!
Hm, does you notice anything the same from this post last year? You coulda got me and Penny different advent calendars this time Mum!

We has beed busy spreading some good will so that Santa paws, and maybe Jesus will know that I should get lots of presents… oh, Mum says that not why we doing it. Well, anyway, here our posting cards for some DWB’s.

I helped lots. This year I hopes I can learn more about crisp mas!
~lickies, Ludo

20 thoughts on “Crisp mas!

  1. Woo, Ludo. We see an airmail sticker on your snooter – is your Mom sending you to us for Christmas? We are sorry now that we didn't do the DWB card exchange.Woos, the OP Pack

  2. It is really hard to believe it is time for Crisp mas again! We remember you writing about how excited you were for your first one last year! I'm sure you'll enjoy this year even more since you know what it is all about!

  3. We think it has come round quickly too Ludo. This time last year we were both new to our forever home and couldnt work out what was going on with all the decorations!This year we are a lot happier but still haven't quite worked it out!We are getting excited though especially seeing all our doggie blogging buddies getting ready and kissesMartha & bailey xxxx

  4. You look like you were a big help with the mailings. I wish you could have helped me lick all the envelopes I sent out. I didn't like the way they tasted! Blech. Looking forward to hearing about your 2nd christmas!

  5. We understand the Advent khalendar thingie – Merdie's boys got the same one again – Theirs are filled with chokholates!I khouldn't do the DWB exchange – I need Mom's green papers to be able to traded fur Xterra juice for khanine transports!I'm sure woo will have a furry nice and special Khrisp Mas!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  6. Mom says Christmas comes too fast, but for pups like me and you, it doesn't come fast enough, does it?Its good you are helping, spreading good will and all that. It will never hurt and may help a lot!Hugs to you, Aunty Penny and Pepe.Kisses,Stella

  7. Hi Ludo I can see that you are such a help with the Christmas preparations. Are you licking the stamps?Cheers! H.PS I hope you find something nice in the Advent calendar..

  8. Do you think this might be connected to the big "tree" (looks like one but certainly doesn't smell like one) with lots of balls on it, that has appeared in my living room?! I has the same advent calendar as you and Penny, too! I can't wait to learn about Chrispmas :)Huggles~Fizz xxx

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