oh Crisp mas tree, oh crisp mas tree

How much I want to eat your baubles!

We put our crisp mas tree up! It still not a real tree, so I think the peoples does get a bit confused but never mind huh? The crisp mas tree has lots of fun things on it. Lots of little toys which is ‘not yours’ Last crisp mas I did manage to get hold of quite a lot of them but grandma was more careful about not letting me get it. This time last year we had not long moved in and Auntie Penny had just hurt her leggy doing bad sheep chasings and was fat! She not fat no more and her leg much better so I has learned that by the time a crisp mas tree gets put up again lots of things will have changed. Mum says we will not be living with grandpawents again then, but I don’t wanna do that!

I has to show you this little birdy, since last year I ated up Grandma’s partridge and she not beed very happy with me at all, so Mum got her a new one and said it beed from me. See Santa paws, I being very good!

Mum had a very upsetting clear out of my toy box. All my broken, took lots of hard work, de stuffed toys got throwed away into the rubbish. This all I have left.


Mum also gotted me a costume for my schools crisp mas party. I gonna be a present. I gonna take them lots of crisps too, cos we has to bring food and remind them what Crisp mas meant to be all about. Crisps! And presents. And Holy’s! We has Holly (the prickly berry kind) on our crisp mas tree. Some people say crisp mas different to my family, It apposed to be said kryst mas. All cos of a little holy baby, but not the prickly kind. Although sometimes it can be. See I is learning. Mum said it to do with religion for lots of people and I was a bit worried Santa paws would not bring me presents cos I don’t have a religion. I asked Mum to get me one but she said dogs don’t need it cos we perfect anyway and most peoples get a religion because they wants to be better peoples.

Anyway, I is a present. Costumes do not suit shelties.


oh!! Also some of us has entered Johann’s howling holiday contest. My beautiful gal Morgan and my good bud Reilly has, please go vote for them most importantly. Click the piccure in the corner of my bloggy. Yous can also vote for me too, there a seperate prize for best international doggy, so we can all win! Huruff! You just click the piccure you want to vote for then click the stars. Please also go visit Reilly cos his Mum is going in for a scary surgery.

One last thing afore I go start reading all your bloggies. Go visit my brother Fizz, it his first crisp mas and I sure he wanting to learn all about it from us big growed up dogs.
~lickies, Ludo


28 thoughts on “oh Crisp mas tree, oh crisp mas tree

  1. Mmm, deep stuff today Ludo eh? The meaning of 'crisp mas', the religious life of dogs….phew! I'd stick to trying to steal presents off that tree if I were you Ludo (there MUST be something worth having on there, surely?) Cheers! H.

  2. Yes, Ludo there are many fun things to chew on Crisp Mas Trees! The pesky kitten in my dawg house likes to bite the lights. Mom and dad freak out but I'm secretly hoping he gets a good bite when they're not looking. I want to see what color he lights up when plugged in!Pedro

  3. Your tree looks very nice and I hope you don't eat any more of the ornaments (they do look tasty) and make your grandma upset. Your toy box looks almost empty. That is so sad. I hope it gets filled up by Santa Paws.Your friend,Niamh

  4. Your costume is really cute but you're right that costumes don't really suit Shelties. Doesn't seem to stop moms though! That's exciting news about you and your mum moving before next Crisp mas – I know you'll be sad to leave your grandparents and Penny, but won't it be fun to have your own place?

  5. You come right over here so I can kiss you right on the nose you cute little sweetie pie you☺ I just bet that your toy box will be loaded once Santy Paws comes to your house. Who in the world could overlook you☺

  6. We have our tree up too and Mom only worries about our lifting our legs on it. We don't bother the ornaments at all.Mom says it is very good luck to have birds in the Christmas tree.You make a great present – too bad we can't find you under our tree:)Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Very lovely Christmas tree, Ludo! And really, who could BLAME you for eating the partridge?!?! It's only natural.You look very cute as a present – are you addressed to me by any chance? :)Love,Ammy

  8. Merry Crispness, Ludo! That was smart to get your toy box cleaned out because now you will have room for all the new goodies you get!You can come and be my present in your little red box suit! We would have fun! By the way, I voted for you and your girlfriend, Morgan, she is nice!Kisses,Your pal, Stella

  9. Hi, Ludo!Your tree is beautiful!And your Christmas outfit too!I am sure your Mom took away your old toys because Santa is going to bring you lots of new ones!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  10. Our tree goes up on a stand too lest I am tempted to move the ornaments about. Humph. You were so sweet to give Grandma a new bird.Such a good sport to squeeze into that costume. I sure hope there were foodables involved.Slobbers,Mango

  11. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh noes i cannot beleev they throo away all yore hard ernd destroyd toys!!! wot a way to start off the crisp mas seezon!!! i hope yoo git lots of noo toys to replayse them!!! ok bye

  12. Ludo, you sure do make a cute pressie! BOL!Ya know, my mommy cleaned out my toy box too last week! Threw out all my old unstuffed stuffies! She said she is making room for Santa Paws to come…..so maybe that will happen to you too!hugs and licks, Bruschi

  13. Hey Ludo! You is soooo good at teaching me stuffs. I was really confuzzled about this whole crisp mas stuff, but now I starting to understand it a bit! We gots a tree like that too, it has lots of toys on it (I think you called them baubles) and I tried to play with them a few times but Mum says they 'not yours'. Huurrrufff! I likes your outfit too 🙂 you not looks too happy 'bout it though!!Hugs~Fizz xxx

  14. Well Ludo, you certainly helped out by explaining all about religion and doggies and such. And you look adorable (of course) dressed as a present..even if it isn't your color or whatever!

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