I’m helping!

Helping Mum wrap up my secret Santa for the Ruffdogs forum.

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Penny: Oh yes, Very helpful…


16 thoughts on “I’m helping!

  1. Ludo, you are just the best helper anyone could have!Your mum is very lucky indeed.We really liked your new blog background but at first there was nothing there!No pics and no words – we were just writing in your cbox when you suddenly popped up!Hopefully just a technical hitch, whatever that is.love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxxPS we wonder what you will get in the Secret Santa!!!!

  2. Ludo, you are a great helper and snoopervisor!!! You look adorable helping Mama! I'm doing the same thing today, only for different blogger doggies!!! Have a good weekend!Hugs xoSammie

  3. Woof, Ludo! you are lucky to be able to help your Mom.My Mom says my feets seem to get in the way. You might have daintier feets and not tear up the paper like I do.Have fun, Ludo!Kisses,Stella

  4. OMDDDDDDD!!!What a great great great helper you're Ludo!!!!Your mommy must be very proud of you!!!!And your face is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!You're just the cutest ever!!!!!And Penny?????Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….We think she loves supervising!!!;-))))))))Have a wonderful weekend!!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!Tons of love and kisses

  5. No wonder you were in the middle of the paper. Doesn't your mum remember the present costume she made you wear? Now you think you have to BE the present and get wrapped up yourself.I think you are very smart Ludo 🙂

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