Power of the paw for beautiful Pearl

My very good rabbit-dog buddy Alvin has not blogged for a while but he has some back with some very sad happenings.

His beautiful wifey bun Pearl has a too big heart and needs some power of the paw. Alvin needs to be stong for his lovebun. Please stop by and give him some kind words, like I knows you all can do very good.


11 thoughts on “Power of the paw for beautiful Pearl

  1. oh Ludo *smiles* thankyou so much mate, Pearl has seen the lovely comments here and on my blog and is really touched that so many furries care.thakyou all so much for your kind words

  2. Woof! Hi There … I'm Sugar. mmm yah i do agree what a scary story.Just checking in if you received my ecard as part of the DWB Exchange Holiday Card … if not it is posted on my blog. Looking forward to be blog friends.Just want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays. I just posted my last post for the year … we are going on a holiday break. Lots of Golden Holiday Woofs, Sugar

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