crisp mas party.

Here be some piccures from my dog clubs Crisp mas party. There beed a raffle for charity and I won a toy. We also donated my Dog tornado toy but that ok cos I got my play out of it. There beed lots of treats and yummies and fun gamed and Auntie Penny got to come too. She beed very excited to get to go!

~lickies, Ludo


20 thoughts on “crisp mas party.

  1. We have a dog club but momma is too lazy to make the 45 minute drive there. Humph. She always managed to do it with Grandpa Angus. The hall is so pretty all decorated. Slobbers,Mango

  2. how festive! and Santa Paws was there too! We went to my schools dog party, but mom forgot the camera. Did Penny win anything? Or was she just happy to be somewhere with you, like Maisie is with me? your gal, Morgan

  3. Lucky you, going to your own special Christmas party, not just a boring old human one. Now did you all remember your obedience training I wonder…..?Cheers! H.

  4. Wow – that looks like fun – those doggies look well behaved indeed! Paddy would start barking – and I would try to steal all the treats! Lots of licksSally and Paddy

  5. Hi Ludo, we have never been to a party – that sounded like lots of fun, especially since it was for dogs!It all looked very festive – glad you had fun.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  6. How festive! I bet Penny was on the decorating committee!That sure looks like fun. There is a BT meetup about an hour away from us, but like Mango, my mom is too lazy!

  7. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada is luking at that rum and saying sumthing abowt how it wood be gud for a veeeneez waltz i hav no ideea wot that has to do with krismas tho!!! ok bye

  8. Wow ludo, what a great dog club! Bet you and your buddies do get a lot of fun! Wishing you and your family a very warm and happy christmas and a wonderful new year!Licks and wagsThe Dog WOods Pack

  9. WOOWWOOOOOOO!!!!You have a dogs club???!!!!Pleaseeeeeee Ludoooo…can we come over there and stay with you a little????We loved your club!!Sure you and Penny had wonderful time!!!And the hall is soooooooooooooo pretty all decorated!!!!Awwwwwwwwwwwww…..we loved your pics!!You and Penny are sooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!HAve a wonderful day!!!We love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!Sweet kisses and licks!!!!

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