Tricky T-day!

Hurro, cos I said I would, here a new video of some of my most recent tricks we working on. I beed super hyper excited cos I had just got in from a cold walk and beed feeling totally in the mood for zooommmiiieesss!!
But thursday soon be going away so Mum didn’t have time to wait for me to chill out.

I also really super like the delicious treats I has had. Carob cakes! I snoopervised their making.

Anyways, here a trick that I has beed learning for a while, called ‘high’ where I stretches big and tall. We working on doing it for longer and longer. Also woosh, which just jumping over Mum’s leg. I likes that one a lot. Also the other one be to try and get me to roll over in the other direction to what I normally do. Mum be using the same word, but did you spot the completely stupid mistake she makes at first? She uses the exact same hand and signal as the first way. Geesh Mum, I not a mind reader! So I said come on Mum, I not having that, and then she realised.
Lastly the paws on chair trick we has just started and it gonna be to pray. I even told Mum not to edit out all my sillies and HER mistakes cos I know you all likes to see them!

Auntie Penny does get treats all the time btw! But not so many as me cos when me and Mum first moved here she looked like this.

And Mum got her back looking like she do now and doesn’t want her to go all fatty again.

~lickies, Ludo


24 thoughts on “Tricky T-day!

  1. You were very zoomie but did a great job. Moose gets like that when I have liver! We do like to see bloopers too, it is entertaining and informative ;-)Auntie Penny is looking great. She is also very well behaved during your trainings! Such a good girl. Give her pets from us too!

  2. Hurray! We loved your tricky t-day video! And thanks for leaving in the silliness parts because you're right – we do enjoy that too! How did you learn the "high" trick? You're very good at it. I can't get my front feet up in the air like that and every time mom tries to get me to stand up tall, I spin around. Your pray trick is going to be really cute! And you're very good at roll over – you know how I feel about that trick!

  3. Very nice tricks, Ludo! You look great and are mastering lots of tricks.Ludo wrote me when I said Handsome is as Handsome does, this:"Can you please tell Stella that I think that her thing that she said means that I has to be nice on the inside to be proper nice on the outside? Do you thinks I am?~lickies, Ludo "Yes, that is exactly what it means and I do think you are Handsome does! Sometimes Handsome people start thinking more about how handsome they are, than what they are doing. But you are always thinking of Auntie Penny, and the Rabbit dogs and your Mum and how the grandparents are. That is what really makes you a Handsome fellow!Kisses, Your Pal Stella

  4. Hiya! Just visiting your blog cos your name is awesome!Fwoar! You're so clever too! I'm still learning some of these tricks myself. My brother Knuckles can do the roll, but I'm still a bit confused.I'll study your video as a guide!Sonic

  5. Very cool Ludo! I had to watch it without sound so as not to wake Miss Katie up from her beauty sleep don't you know…and at first I thought maybe I had it playing on FAST FORWARD because you were jumping over you mom's leg so fast! Just like a kangaroo or something! You are so talented!

  6. Woo Ludo we love your tricks! You is soooo much like me when you're doing trainings. I gets all silly and spinny when I do trainings too! If I don't know what Mum means then I just do 'bang bang' as well!! Hahaha.It was funny when your Grandpaw tried to move penny out of the way with his foot. BOL! Hugs~Fizz x

  7. I hope the other dog gets the same sessions where only he gets the treats too. It was very upsetting to see, not only him not getting any treats or attention, but getting moved out of the way with a foot.

  8. Does the other dog get the same kind of sessions when he's the only one getting treats? It broke my heart to see him left out & even moved aside with a foot.

  9. Nice work Ludo…but I must say poor Auntie Penny. She might get you back for showing a fatty picture of her. πŸ˜‰ By the way, the pictures below of you being handsome are very nice. :)Kisses,Nala

  10. Hi Ludo,Those are some wonderful tricks! Thank you for the pawsome holiday card! We’re having lots of fun getting to know other DWB members. Happy holidays!Love and lots of licks, Stella and Leader Dog Willow

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