Yum! Foods!

I is doing a post all about food! Grandpa was not amused when I had this for my dinner and he did not!

Here the yummy carob treats Mum beed making for training lately, they make me go super fast! They smell so good!

Here the cookies that we baked for my friends at the dog club. Mum got asked for the recipe lots. But for some reason most people doesn’t want to liquidise liver…

Auntie Penny sampled one afore we left.

Mum and gramma are making Crisp mas preperations. I helped snoopervise the making of mince pies. I like to snoof up any bits of pastry that fall on the floor.

Some mince pies! Me and Penny don’t get to eat them, so Mum made me and Penny a cheese filled one when she ran out of mince but still had some pastry.

Faline beed very bad today and did runnings away whilst we were on our walk. Mum got very upset and went down the road with a torch. We still not know how she got out. Lucky Mum found her and tooked her home. Bad Faline, no more grass for you!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: I had my first spammer from the last post. Cool huh? He right, Mum be a terrible abuser and Auntie Penny treated bad… I thinks she should make up for this by giving us more crisp mas presents.


15 thoughts on “Yum! Foods!

  1. Hi, Ludo!Glad Faline is fine! Sure it was a scary episode for your mom!Yummy foods! Yes!They look delicious!Your mom is very nice making some for you!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  2. we checked you last post comments! If Smartass only knew… Mom is rolling on the floor laughing! Too freaking funny! We wonder if he will feel bad for gramps not getting any of that steak! glad to see Penny finally got something to eat! your gal, Morgan

  3. It looks like your Crispmas is going to be a very yummy one! Mince pie is my Mom's very favorite. Can she come by for a piece?My Mom baked some bread and some cookies today. Yum again! Lucky to find Faline! Will she learn this lesson? I hope so.Kisses,Stella

  4. Yikes, what was Faline thinking? Glad she is safe. That's an awful lot of very yummy looking food. We would be thrilled to get a taste of that steak.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. Faline has a bit of a wild side I guess. Good thing Mom was able to find that silly little thing. So much food!You told that spammer for sure. Hey, isn't spam food?Slobbers,Mango

  6. I think a lot of puppy food sounds bad to peoples! I don't think I would like to liquify liver either! :)BUT, I'm glad your Mom found Faline! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Ludo There just cannot be enough posts all about food. Especially when you clearly live in a household that has such a proliferation of yummy looking treats. I think I might be able to persuade Gail to make this liver treat thing – luckily for me, her father's side of the family ran the village butchers shop, so she was brought up not squeamish! After all, that lamb or pig or ox or whatever is already dead, right? Happy Christmas! Cheers, H.

  8. Wow Ludo, there sure is some cooking going on at your house! I bet it smells deeeeelicious in there! Hugs and Licks, BruschiPEE-S- glad that Faline is home safe now! Scary!!

  9. Food is my fave subject! And that cheese pie is making me drool sooo bad!Can I come live with you guys?? I promise to never run away like Faline…

  10. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wil bet faline was trying to run away and find the mithical land of watership down!!! silly faline yoo ar better off with mama and ludo!!! ok bye

  11. LudoWhat yummy food! That steak looked delicious!Your Mom must have got a scare when Faline got out.Those mince pies are reminding us we haven't made any yet! Better get cooking!love and woofsClive

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