The internet that be!
We thinks something has gone wrong inside our box thingy. Things is taking ages to load up, lots of sites is not working at all. It making Mum do angry faces, she not have a lot of patience for technologies.

We managed to post the slideshow straight from picasa uploader. I managed to convince Mum to sit here for ages and keep trying to reload the page until blogger opened properly. I hope it publishes now or she might march off in a huff! She has had a cold too so has beed extra grumpy. hehe.

I glad you all liked seeing my crisp mas slideshow. I got lots of toys! Auntie Penny only got two and I pinched them both! hehe! Auntie Penny says she be too old for toys now, she got a new bed and a new coat for crisp mas instead. Mum says Auntie Penny never liked toys as much as me even when she beed littler. She liked to carry them around and sometimes chew on them a bit but she never really liked playing tug of war or catch. She likes to chase a ball at the beach though. I know *I* will never ever ever stop wanting toys!

I hopes efurryone had as good a crisp mas as I did and is having a good New Year so far. I has beed reading your bloggies when they load. Maggie, we beed very sorry to hear about your kidney troubles, but the comment things wouldn’t come up! I sorry you will not get pizza anymore!

ok, Mum says not to push our internet luck and if anypup has any ideas to get it better please let us know. Mum thinks it might be acoss of all the snow. Although we does not have any right where we are.

pee ess: Here a video of me and Auntie Penny opening a present.

~lickies, Ludo

16 thoughts on “S-l-o-w-

  1. Ludo, when I was a little girl (long long ago) we had a spaniel sort of like your Aunt Penny. But black and white. Anyway, that year there was a chew toy that smelled like chocolate and it was in the shape of a giant Hersey Bar. We got that for Sam (the dog) and wrapped it up and he opened it just like you and Aunt Penny do! He was so excited. And that was what I remembered when I watched you and your Mom and your Aunt Penny open your gift together. And it made me smile. Thank you!

  2. Sorry about your computer problems, we seem to be having the same. We cleaned up lots of things, pictures and whatall and that seem to help a little but not much. We think it is old computer and needs more memory. How is your memory?Its always fun to see you, and Aunty Penny though, so keep turning up on my screen because if you don't I start missing you!Kisses,Stella

  3. Happy New Year Ludo and Penny and family! I know about blog troubles and Mom's being grumpy over it, believe me! We just switched our address a wee bit to blogspot because we were having technical difficulties too…hope you get it figured out. :)Kisses,Nala

  4. Hey Ludo! When our internets got really slow it turned out we needed a new boxy thing from the cable company. That fixed it right up. Good luck to you.Slobbers,Mango

  5. Hi Ludo, you were very good at opening that present!Neither of us has ever opened a present – Martha is very scared of the noise!It was lovely for us to see you so happy – we all smiled.Sorry we cant help with internet problems – only today we have restored our blog roll which completely disappeared over xmas!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  6. It was fun to watch you and Penny open those pressies – looks like you all had a very happy Christmas. Sorry about the 'puter problems but we are not help at all – sorry.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  7. Our internet be like that too! Grrrr. Cool video! Opening presents is sooo fun, all that paper just makes me want to explode with excitment. I wanted to open everyone elses presents too, I was a bit disappointed when they told me I couldn't :(By the way brother Ludo, we now be taking part in tricky t-day (or try to anyway)! xxx

  8. Hey Ludo. Happy New Year to you! Sorry to hear about your internet troubles. Ours is very slow at times too. It drives the Mama crazy! You were very patient opening that present. Dog Dad says you're a well-behaved dog, whatever that means! :)Love, Josh and Jessie

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