We went out on our walk yesterday and some snow started falling. Mum got very excited. Later on that night it snowed more. Mum said it beed like skating outside. Whatever that be. Then, when Mum got in from work this morning she said quick, afore it all melts! So me and Penny got our leads on and off we went.

I did not like it!! Well, I liked it a bit, till Mum started kicking snow at me and then I did not like it!! Horrible mean mum! Then I said I wanted to go home cos my feets were cold but Auntie Penny wanted to chase me around some more. She liked Mum chucking snow at her! At first I thought it might be fun to catch the snow, then some hit me. I did not like it!!

I guess I is not cut out to be a snow dog after all. We did not get very good snow anyway. Molly and Faline would not come out of their house today. I thinks they got the right idea. So I take all my snow excitement back. Although it does be hard not to get all excited when you see it. I just not want any chucked at me, ok?

Anyway, here the piccures.


33 thoughts on “snow

  1. We love the snow Ludo but then nobody has kicked it on us!Your mum maybe thinks that is going to be fun cos we have noticed humans behave strangely in the snow.They throw balls of the stuff, slide down hills screaming on something called sledges and build snowmen!Humans are very strange……..we recommend sniffing in the snow Ludo – that is fun.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  2. We think you would like it if you had more of it and more often. Maybe Mom needs to get you some boots to protect your feeties. Lots of dogs don't like the cold on their paws.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  3. Ludo, you don't have enough snow, that is the trouble with you As others have said here, you need at least 3 or 4 feet (meters?) of the stuff to really poke around in it, and get it flying through the air.Maybe you will get more! I hope so. I'm glad Aunty Penny had some fun. You will too!Kisses,Stella

  4. Poor Ludo! I bet you like snow better the next time. Especially if there is a bit more of it so you can run and dig and plow it with your nose! Booties might work too, but you'd need to get MANLY booties so you didn't look silly, right!?

  5. O wow. I love your pitchers! Your snow is real good… and it look like you two are havin grand ole time (but I agree wif the cold feet part)!Did you snow stick around?wif love from the Luke

  6. I haven't played in snow yet… everyone else seems to like it lots, but I get a feeling I might feel the same way you do. Sonic

  7. Ludo, I totally agree with you about snow. And I must beg to differs with some of your other friends. More snow is NOT, in my opinion, better. It stops you running around, packs down to slippery ice on the paths and then takes ages to go away! Should we start a pro-global warming campaign?Cheers, H.

  8. Hi Ludo!You sure look happy playing the snow! your landscape is beautiful! just don't eat the yellow snow.and thank you for your kind words.Dre

  9. Oh Ludo – I have never seen snow but I don't think I would like it much either! I'm a wimp enough when it comes to just cold water! I can't imagine something even colder than that! And your human chucked it at you??!! Naughty human! Maybe she got too excited with seeing the snow – you know how us doggies can do silly things sometimes when we're excited…maybe humans are like that too! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  10. We agree, you need more snow, then it is fun when somebody kicks it around. And you can kick it up in the air too, if you run fast enough. Maybe you should just take a run up to Martha and Bailey's place.. Morgan & Maisie

  11. We love snow and we haven't gotten any this year so far! I hope you get some more and get a chance to enjoy it.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  12. Hello Ludo and thank you for your congrats message to us! It means a lot to us.Looks like you and auntie Penny had so much fun!!!! The place you live is beautiful. Momo & Pinot

  13. I think you would like it if you had more of it, it's like running in loose mud, BOL!!! Hope you are well my friend. Your package is on its way across the pond…may take a week, but it's coming!!!Woofs, Johann

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