Ticked off T-day

So, I is getting fed up with all Mum’s lazy excuses to not help me blog properly. Now the snow has goned from around us the internet seems to be back working ok, so she has no excuse!

She thinks she is gonna go to the zoo at the weekend, well we will see about that!

As punishment for her I has decided not to let her translate for me today. So here’s me telling her what I was gonna say, I just gonna post that instead. I know you will all get me. Auntie Penny joined in a bit too.

Oh yes! I also did talkings with a very nice lady from America. She be called Coryelle and she an animal communicator. I woned my talking with her from Johann’s holiday contest. I will do a proper post about it when I is talking to Mum again, but it beed very interesting for Mum and me!

~lickies, Ludo

19 thoughts on “Ticked off T-day

  1. Ludo,Ambrose talked back to you when we played the video. But I guess you couldn't hear him from all the way over here in North Carolina.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  2. Hi Ludo:I am sorry you and your Mum are on the outs. You really are best friends if you would stop to think about it a little.My Mom and another Dog she had did the Communicator thing and it was very interesting for her too. We are excited to hear your post about it.Kisses, Your pal Stella

  3. I loved the video of you talking back to your mum! It's about time you were heard in your own words, Ludo! I support you all the way!Good job on your tricky t-day video! I think your teeth trick is really cool and you look so mean when you show your teeth! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Ludo,That was a very good talking to you gave your mum.We joined in this end and she better be listening.We will be right down there is she doesn't – goodness Martha sounds as angry as you!You are very clever with your tricky t day video Ludo.Sorry we are falling behind here but our mum is not much better than yours!We may have to have them both replaced if they don't pull their socks up.We are already looking into bark activated computers!love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxx

  5. Ludo! Did you say HBO words? That teeth trick looks dangerous. I think momma would lose a finger for sure if she tried that with PeeWee.Slobbers,Mango

  6. I joined in – did you hear me?? I know what you were saying. You wanted mum to stop fiddling around and get to doing what you wanted to do. We saw a calming signal too, when you looked away! Can hardly wait to hear what your chat with Coryelle was like. We bet you had a lot to say! your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  7. Hee! Hee! I like your new Teeth trick, Ludo! That is very clever! My human is also working on something similar – trying to teach me to growl on cue – but so far, she hasn't had much luck! I also love your Bye-Bye trick, especially when Auntie Penny does it – so cute!Am really curious to hear all about that Animal Talking Human!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  8. Well I totally understood what your were saying there Ludo, but Gail is looking mystified.As for all that tricky stuff, well you are such a good student. I do hope all your 'prayers' are answered! Cheers, H.

  9. Ludo and Penny, You're both the cutest and cleverest doggies we've seen! We hope you and your mom would make amends. Not good to stay unfriends for long … Licks and wagsThe Dog Woods pack

  10. Mom's Siamese kitty could talk to her all day long! And I am really thinking about firing my secretary over here – she's so blasted lazy!

  11. Ha Ludo! You sure told Mom off! Hope you're back to being on good terms by now though. Katie watched while you were talking to your Mom, but she wasn't too sure about it. Maybe those were bad doggie words? LOL

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