She went to the zoo

Well, she wented to the zoo. Without me. Even though I expressedly told her she not be allowed. I would still be mad but she beed gone forever and I beed thinking I never gonna see her efur again. When she comed back in the door I be so happy to see her I did lickings and excited zoomies and followed her to the bathroom and snuffed outside the door. Plus she smelled wonderful. Who knew zoo animals could be so interesting?

So she back in my good books… for now. I wills do lettings of her to show you the photos she tooked. Also she can show you some photos that her friend took cos they be better than hers and I sure you would all like to see them.

The zoo she went to called South Lakes Wildlife park. It a little bit far away, by England terms anyways, but the zoo person man what owns the zoo decided that this weekend it would be free entry day and people should instead donate some monies for Haiti. Of course Mum being mum had forgot to get the monies out, she mostly buys things with the plastic thing instead of real monies, so Mum’s friend paid for both of them. That very nice huh? I guess that will save him getting teld off cos he founded and read my blog even though Mum told him he couldn’t. hehe. 😉 He should get a time out in the bathroom, like I does whe I bad, don’t you think?

Anyway, here some piccures of some of the funny looking and smelling animals they seed.

Firstly of all the good ones by Mum’s friend.

Mum sure loves peacocks.
This Mum’s favourite animal at the zoo. A teddy bear!

oh yes, furry strange animal!

They feed the tigers by putting their foods up a pole to mimic hunting for it. I bet these is one kitty even Miss Khyra would not want to play with. They does look kinda like BSM though.

These lemurs run around all over the place. Mum says they seem to kinda ignore the keepers, there signs efurrywhere you go not to let them out or let them eat your foods. One of them came and licked Mum’s hand!

This wallaby thing be keeping his tail warm, he needs a fluffy one!

A bird that cannot fly!!

Ok, time for Mum’s pics!

See, he has a big camera! I would look good through it, I bet.
This monkey was bashing this mud about.

Capybara, Mum likes these two cos they is like big guinea pigs.

This lemur thinks he be spider man. The kangaroos beed inside to keep warm and there beed lots of lemurs what had gotten inside too.

These kinda scare Mum.

Say cheese.

The giraffes had just beed fed, so they were being nosey!

Ok, last thing for this very long post, with none of ME in it.
Mum seed her favourite animal, the bear, getting mercilessly attacked by a tapir. A lot of the animals live in with other animals and all the other bears beed indoors, so this tapir decided he would chase the bear off, and he did!

~lickies, Ludo

17 thoughts on “She went to the zoo

  1. Oh, what a wonderful day your mum had! Make sure you thank her for sharing all the photos, and taking us along. How nice that the money went to Haiti. I always love the bears the best, any kind will do (Oreo thinks the pandas should be my favorite), and the primates come in second!

  2. First of all we want to ask you to forgive us and our bad bad bad secretary for not visiting you for a long time!!!But we had some problems with Internet and with our Blog list update!!!We missed you tons and maya was sooo sad not seeing and hearing her sweet nanny Penny!!!!!!!We read all your post…and we saw you had a wonderful day in the snow!!!!WOWWOOOOOO!!!!Awwwwwwww…..we woudl ove were there with you and play together!!!And your mommy had a great great day at the zoo….tons of sweet….funny….crazy and gorgeous animals….but our preferred is the very very very ugly animals that seems like our Humans!!!!wawawawawawawaaaaaaaa!!!!Your mom's photos are simply amazing!!!!!!Thanks for sharing them with us!!!!!!Hope you could forgive us!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!Sweet kisses and licks and special hugs to Penny from Maya!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh how we love the zoo (at least my pawrents do – wish I could go heheh)! So it was great to see all those wonderful photos – I do miss seeing YOU of course, but thanks for letting us see what you smelled! That was a great move on the zoo's part to have a free/donation day for Haiti – very thoughtful. Thanks for sharing your blog today with other creatures!Hugs xoSammie

  4. We think we might run from that tapir too. Great day at the zoo – we loved seeing all the pictures – they were all great. Glad you gave your mum the good welcome home treatment.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  5. What is that thing saying cheese? It's so weird looking!Those lions and tigers are pretty scary. I'm glad the cats around my place are smaller than me.Sonic

  6. Why would anyone want to go to a Zoo when she has You, Penny and Pepe right there?I am joking of course, I loved all the pictures and it looked like a fun day to go.Kisses,Stella

  7. Hi, Ludo!It is too bad you could not go with your Mom!I can see she had a pawesome time with all those creatures!Thanks for sharing the pictures!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  8. Brilliant pictures. Thank your mum for showing us them all. Looks like a realy good day was had.. Strange that different animals were in together. The lima's look very cheeky.. Hugs GJ x

  9. Hi Ludo, we are really sorry your mum went to the zoo without you but we don't think you would have liked it!Some of those animals were scary!Those were some amazing pictures your mum took. The colours are great and the clarity.It was worth letting her go so we could share the trip.Say thank you to your mum from us.xxxx

  10. Oh Ludo – what a fantastic day your human had at the zoo! I feel like I've been on safari – hee! hee! brillian pictures! And there are even some Australian animals, I saw!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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