Why Faline a bad sport – and more

My sisfurs is being a pain in my… pantyloons!
Faline and Auntie Penny has both decided they wants to enter Mango Minster. Of course I has entered into the herding dogs category, but which ones to put them two into?

Auntie Penny thinks she should go in the hound dog category, cos she has a good nose for finding things and once she gets on a trail, nothing can stop her. That why she not allowed off the lead so much. She also has selective deathness and big ears.
Also, Auntie Penny wanted me to show you this puppy piccure of her with her real life brother. No one knows what kind of doggies make Auntie Penny but anyone who met her brother says beagle. Plus springy spaniels doesn’t come in that colour. So that could make her part hound dog.

oh, that beed easy. Now for Faline, I thinks she needs to go in the bad sport category, and here why.
She has a stupid rabbit-dog face.

She steals my attentions. When I is trying to do good boy sits!
She tries to poison me!
She does not share yummy carrits
She says bleurg when i gives her kisses.
She an alcyholic!
She rude!
She lacking in crisp mas spirit!

Did I mention she does not share carrits!

Or hay.

Oh, and see this video evidence too!

So there you go, that why Faline be a bad sport.

In other news, me and Penny decided to have a go at the dog pile contest too.

I think she beat me.

We still working on getting a good piccure for Niamh.


33 thoughts on “Why Faline a bad sport – and more

  1. Oh Ludo, I didn't realize how greedy Faline could be. Boy, she had us all fooled by her cute looks.Penny looks really funny with all that stuff piled on top of her. Now, Penny is a good sport!

  2. Hahahah! Oh no that Faline is definitely a bad bad bunny! I can't stand it when rabbits trick humans with her scrunched up cute faces. Us dogs, we have to work for affection!Sonic

  3. Bad sport Faline, for sure – that was a great presentation of your case, Ludo. And both of you need to go for the pile it on contest – super piles:)Good luck.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  4. It's a good thing you outlined all the bad things Faline does to you because she would win just on being the cutest bunny ever ! Love the dog pile but sorry to say it doesn't look like you won !! BOL !! Have a barking good week !

  5. OMG, you and Penny's dog pile photos!!! Too funny! It's hilarious how you barely have anything on and you throw it all off, Ludo! But poor Penny – the second pile photo of her is awesome! Use that one!!!!It's not right that Faline is such a bad sport. Does she deserve a place in Mango's contest? I wouldn't let her in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Yes I think Faline will be a strong contender in the bad sport category. And Aunt Penny definitely has the edge in the pile thing! Good luck to all the contestants. Cheers, H. PS Maybe next year there should be a bad grammar contest….

  7. What kind of competition would Faline have in the Bad Sport Group? She would certainly qualify!You have to put up with a lot with those rabbit-dogs, don't you?I loved you and Auntie Penny doing the Pile It On . . .she could sure be a winner. I don't even try to do that because it would drive me nuts to have all that stuff all over me! Kisses,Stella

  8. Hi Ludo, well you made us laugh whilst your tried to sort your entire family into groups!We agree Aunt Penny sounds more like a hound.Selective hearing and following her nose are true signs.Good luck one and all.loveMartha & Bailey xxxps great dog pile entries too…..

  9. Ludo, your mom and her friends took many nice pictures at the zoo. We know it's NOT nice to stay home when humans go out by themselves….but… thanks for sharing them. And… the video made us laugh. Hahahahaha.. we're still giggling. Faline and our humans have something in common. Look at the bottle!!Momo & Pinot

  10. Oh, I LOVE Aunt Penny's baby picture!!! My goodness, she was as cute as can be! (And is very lovely now!)And Faline? Ha roo roo roo! You have to admit, she's very sweet, Ludo!You are a dear, handsome fellow! Excellent post, Ludo!Tail wags,Storms

  11. W can see that Faline will win the Bad Sport category hands down! Aunt Penny is great at the dog pile contest. We are looking forward to your entry in our contest Ludo. The prizes will be excellent.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  12. LudoWhat amazing and wondewful pwoof of all of you in youw cat e gowies..I think you all chose well and can't wait to see you in the winnews' ciwcle..I love it!!!smoochie kissesASTA

  13. Oh my goodness! And I thought bunnies were sweet, fluffy little things!!!Those are awesome photos for the Dog PIle although I have to say, I really laughed at poor Penny!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  14. WE LOVED THIS!!! I had to call my Dotter at Corgi Country and have her check this out, too! I know that family CAN sometimes be a pain in the "Pantyloons," but you seem to be making the best of it! Faline definitely needs to be in the "Bad Sport" category from what I see. Around here, we have bunnies for dinner whenever we can catch them, but I guess you have to be careful about "family critters…" We had to learn that when Mom and Robert had pet rats.I think Penny really did nail the "Dog Pile!" I love your action shots that I've seen, too, and good luck in the "Corgi Toss" for Mango Minster 2010! OC

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