Train your dog

We is entering Niamh’s train your dog competition, in partnership with Mango Minster. We could only enter one piccure, so here our left overs that didn’t make it.

As I sure you all know trainings be one of my most favouritist things to do and so it beed important for us to enter. I loves doing stuff with Mum, doing learnings, getting treats, but most importantly seeing Mum happy and fun when I get something right. She says the same, only she doesn’t get treats. She could have some of mine, I would let her. We is missing out on going to school lately, what with all the snow and now the car be broke we has not beed for quite a few weeks! I miss it! This first piccure be the one I has entered. It pretty simple, but heeling good be a hard thing for me, cos I like to do busy fast things, but we has worked hard. At first I learned heel by using the ‘touch’ command. Efurry time I touched Mum’s hand with my nose I got a click and a treat. Then when I could follow the hand we worked on getting me to follow it walking along. Using ‘variable rewards.’ Sometimes I get 1 treat after 1 step of heeling, then after 5, then I’ll get 3 treats after 2 steps then next time I get to play tuggy after 15 steps. I be very good at heeling now, I can do it on both sides and I can even do it when we walk past some childrens on the beach. (Mum doesn’t like me to scare them, cos they scare me and I want to do barkings at them.) That makes Mum feel very proud that I can ignore something scary to still do heelings. Sometimes I heel all by myself when Mum not looking and that make her proud too!

I has lots more to post about, I got my prizes through from Johann, my friend Sally be here, Mum looking after her while her pawrents on hol-ee-day and I got my file through from Coryelle the animal communicator so I will post about that too!

But for now I just has to do a quick post cos Mum ‘busy’. It Grandma’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Grandma! Tomorrow it Mum’s birthday. She gonna be 25. She looks pretty stupid in the photos cos she has had her hair done up in curlies for her party night out. Another thing I doesn’t get to go to!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: If you would like to see what grandma got for her birthday, you can go to Mum’s other blog.


27 thoughts on “Train your dog

  1. Hi Ludo: I must say I am very proud of you for mastering the "heel". It is difficult, I know, to learn all the different things about it, but you have done it! Good luck on the contest!Why don't you and Sally have a party of your own tonight?I loved the mini-Aunty Penny and I told your Mum on her other blog. Also wished Grandma and Her Happy Birthdays! Just think, your Mum was her Mums birthday present! (or almost anyway!)Kisses,Stella

  2. Really great training photos Ludo. Isn't training the best. We get treats and praise and spend quality time with our special people. Thanks for entering our contest.Happy Birthday to your Grandma and your Mummy!Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Love your attention when you are heeling Ludo! That's so cool! They are great training photos!Happy Birthday to your Grandma and to your mum too!! Mom says to tell your mom she thinks her hair is really cute!

  4. Happy Birthday to your mum, and to your grandmum! That is a cute way to cover up the hair curlers! We went over to you mums other blog, and looked at the Miss Penny, and she looks fabulous! Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  5. WOWOWOWOWOOOO LUDO!!!!What a great great work you're doing with your beautiful mommy!!!!We're very very very proud of you!!!!And Happy happy happy happy Birthday to your mum and to your grandmommy!!!!!!!We went over to you mums other blog too……..awwwwwwww…..we looked at Penny,she looks fabulous!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee….forgive us for haven't been around for long time!!!our secretary had some problems…..HAve a fantastic weekend!!!!Sweet kisses and licks!!!MUAHHHHHHHHHHH And special hugs from Maya to PENNY!!!!!

  6. Good Luck Ludo Hunny!! I sure know you are a pro at the training with Tricky T-Day and all, you just HAVE to win!! It was great to see your Mum in your pictures with you too!! Licks,Your long lost GF,Kylie

  7. Heeling is very hard to learn! Katie still doesn't have it down as good as you do! Happy Birthday to your Mom! I think she looks pretty good, even with curlies in her hair!

  8. Good luck at the contest, Ludo!Happy Birthday to your Grandma! I liked a lot her present!Happy Birthday to your Mom! I am sure she will have a great time celebrating her big day!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  9. Good luck Ludo, we always think you are the cleverest of doggies and we are not!Happy Birthday to your Grandma and mom – we still have to look at the present but will go now!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  10. Happy Birthday to your Grandma and Mum!I love the present your Grandma got for her birthday. It is just beautiful, and I especially love the way Penny is laying down with her back legs all splayed out behind her. Too cute.

  11. Hey Ludo!Me and Mum LOVE the photo of you doing heelings, you both look so happy. Great technique you used too!Happy Birthday to your Mum and Grandma too 🙂 (Mum loves your Mum's hair too, hehee)Fizz xx

  12. 1st: Happy birfdays to Grandma and to MOM!!! 2nd: Wowzers to your heeling! And those are the REJECTS??? I'm scared, cause I'm doin' that cont-est too! You are pawsome Ludo – truly an amazingly good ob. doggie! Can't wait to see more!Huggers xoSammie

  13. You are the King of tricks, Ludo! There is no doubt about that! Good luck to you in Niamh's contest!And happy birthday to your gram and to your mom!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  14. Happy Barkday, Ludo's mum and grandma!!!! We actually jumped from Niamh's blog. We saw many amazing photos and..whoa that's a tough competition but we voted for you. We like the way you look up your mum. 🙂 🙂 Very sweet!Momo & Pinot

  15. Hello Ludo!Good luck with the contest. We were so excited to be part of the Mango Minster 2010 but mommy here had so much things to do at W-O-R-K that we missed sending our photos. Nevertheless, we still enjoy checking out entries and seeing great friends join the different categories.You sure got training talent!-Scrappy, Bullet & the Piappies

  16. Good doggie, great training. I bet you will be winner of the contest for sure!I am sorry for being so late in thanking you for stopping by for my birthday. We have been having so many blogger problems that it has slowed down my visits as the mom was ready to kill the computer, just because that was the only thing she could think of doing. I wouldn't let her. Finally the blogger monster seems to be gone for now, probably picking on another innocent one. Hope you had a fun time at my first birthday party. It was great seeing you there.

  17. Oh Ludo – I love all your photos! I don't know how you selected one for the contest! But I agree with you – Heeling looks easy but it is one of the hardest things to do. My human also makes me Heel past distractions and ignore things – she says it is very useful! I think it is wonderful all the "learnings" you do with your human – my human feels the same way like yours does – it makes her happy to be spending time with me, teaching me things and feeling very proud of me! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Daneps. how could you say that about your Mum's hair?? We thought she looked like a beautiful, glamorous, gypsy!

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