Happy love day!

I has stoled Mum away from workings and sleepings to wish all my furiends, and especially My Gal a happy valentines day. Mum been busy the past few days. She been muttering about silly people wanting to be on hol-ee-day for valentines day.

So, acause she have no time, I gonna steal my photos from last year.

Maybe I will get to has a late valentines day?

Ok, now I thinks I might be in a liiiitttle bit of trouble with Morgan. Sally be my friend dog who I has knowed ever since we first comed to visit Grandpawents. She 6 0r 7 and her pawrents is grandpawents friends. They used to own their old dog Cap, who went to Rainbow bridge, they used to live in the same street as grandpawents but moved away to a flat (apartment), so grandpawents looked after Cap, cos he beed old at the time. Anyways, whenever Sally’s pawrents go away we look after Sally and she plays bitey face with me. But she obviously no comparison to my own Morgan, she a crazy border collie dog!! (and not as pretty) Here some more posts about Sally.


20 thoughts on “Happy love day!

  1. You have been looking after Sally many times for quite a while, haven't you? Besides she is older than you are! Tell Morgan she has no worries!And you and your Mum have a nice Valentines Day.Kisses,Stella

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Ludo! I know you are a hit with all the girl dogs because you are so handsome.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Ludo, I think you better send Morgan some roses or something! Just to be SURE she understands you know. Cause that Sally might be a COUGAR! LOL! You are such a handsome devil it's probably hard to make Morgan believe she is your one and true love! (Besides your Mom that is!)

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