My award! By Not Auntie Penny

oh! Hello! It’s me, Penny! This is very exciting to get to talk to you all! Normally I don’t take any interest in what Ludo’s doing, unless it involves food, or walks, or him being in my way when I want to get somewhere. But Mum 2 (that’s the same person as Ludo’s Mum) told me the other day that I’d been given an award!
It was addressed to Auntie Penny, which isn’t my actual name of course, it’s just what Ludo calls me. My name is just Penny, or sometimes Penny pops, or Penpen or smelly Penny, but none of the people call me Auntie Penny, and I only really care about them. I’m not really that interested in other dogs. Just people.
Here is my award! From Mack, thank you so much Mack!!

I have to list 10 things that make me happy. That shouldn’t be too hard.
1. People food!
2. Finding things to eat in the street!
3. Finding things to eat at the beach!
4. Running around off lead and barking!
5. Chasing birds (and sheep, but I’m not allowed to do that one)
6. Sleeping.
7. Sleeping on people’s feet
8. Sleeping on Mum 2’s bed.
9. Pretending to be deaf, I get away with it now I’m getting older. I don’t feel old though!
10. My coat
11. Humping people’s legs to get attention from Ludo, especially TNP’s!

That’s a good list! Somethings I don’t like are riding in cars, going to the vets, the people all going out, fireworks and other strange noises and shouting!

I am supposed to award it onto 10 friends, but since I usually sleep while Ludo and Mum 2 are blogging I don’t really know if I have any. So if you would like to be my friend and you have an annoying Ludo-like thing living with you, please have it.

Wow! That was my first post. Good huh? Ludo has also got this award a few times, but he had an attack of bad Ludo last night and chewed up a couple of clay guinea pigs. He actually got them off the shelves. That’s even badder than when I picked up a dead bird the other day and nearly gave Dad a heart attack. I think…

Bye bye! Love, Penny.

26 thoughts on “My award! By Not Auntie Penny

  1. Penny, you did a positively perfect post for your first time! Misty loves your list ~ especially number 9 when she is busy doing number 4 & 5. LOL.You really should steal the "pen" from Ludo once in awhile, because I think you have lots of inetersting things to say.

  2. Hi Penny! That was a very good post and I have that award otherwise I would take it from you. I always call you Aunty Penny because I think I would like to have an Aunty like you. Is it OK if I still do? I don't want to if you really don't like it. Count me among your friends, Penny and good wishes to you, Mum 2, Ludo and the Rabbit Dogs. How is Pepe? Nobody mentions him much lately.Kisses,Stella

  3. Auntie Penny,We are so pleased you like your well-deserved award. And congrats on your first post – you did a wonderful job!

  4. Hi Penny! Awesome post and thanks for straightening us out on the Aunt Penny thing! I agree with your food likes but I'm not one for sleeping much so I can't say I agree with those!Did you laugh when Ludo got in trouble again? Tell your Mum 2 that we met Johann at an agility trial about 1 1/2 years ago when he was trialing but I wasn't yet! We met Gracie too! We had a great time! We are hoping to trial together one day!

  5. Hi Penny,Congratulations on your Award and on you post.We feel like we know you already and do hope that we can call you a friend.We thought you did an excellent job on the post. We love food – we especially love finding perfectly good food that some humans have thrown away.Waste not want not is our motto.We reckon you should talk to Ludo about having some blog time to yourself.Girl Power!loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  6. Great first post Penny! Of course you have friends! We see you in Ludo videos and photos and Ludo tells us about you sometimes. Maybe you should lobby to have a post every now and again!Moose LOOOOVES finding things to eat in the street too. When he finds things he gobbles really fast because he knows I will stop him if he doesn't. Sometimes I think he has an 'eat first ask questions later' policy about these treasures and possibly eats some downright inedible things because of it!Moose's Mommap.s. We are shocked to hear of Ludo's nortiness! I did not think he had it in him. He always seems like a perfect angel in his posts. I bet his next post is about you 'doing bad clay guinea pig eatings' so I would watch out!

  7. w00fs penny, nice to finally talk to u. congrats on ur 1st by urself award..i thot ludo was gonna b a good boy after the last is ur friend too..heehee my list wood b easy, 1-10 go for car rides..b safe,~rocky~

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Penny….Maya here!!!!You're my special auntie… special friend……I need your great advice…and I know you have tons of friends all around the blogland!!!!Sweety….your first post is GREAT!!!!And I'm so rpoud of you for your award!!!!What a special things you love to do!!!!I love love your list!!!!And my bros too!!!!You're very very very special for me and for all my family!!!!HAve a wonderful day!!!I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

  9. Great post, Penny. And thanks for sharing all those items about you. Sounds like you really enjoy napping:) Congrats on that award, it is a very nice one. And we count you among our furiends, and we know there are a lot more pups and kitties out there who are your furiends too.Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  10. My goodness, WE will be your friends and I bet everyone who comes here to visit with Ludo is your friend, too. Just because we don't see you all of the time doesn't mean we don't think of you and like you☺

  11. Good job, Penny!Congratulations on your Award!You have a great list of things that make you happy!Humping legs?? Hmmm…Kisses and hugsLorenza

  12. Very nice list Penny! And good to hear from you too! You'll have to get Ludo to let you blog more often! Or just do it, he probably won't give you permission. I think it's better to ask for forgiveness later than as for permission up front!

  13. Hi Penny!As s great spanial lover I'm delighted you finally got to post.Congrats on your award too.Love, pats & petsBlue

  14. Hey, Penny – your first post – wow! I live with a Ludo like thing too, I feel for you. She is always causing some sort of ruckus. Tell Ludo to let you blog more often, and give us the scoop on that new person – you know, TNP.. Glad you are annoying him – that's always a good way to test a persons character. your pal, Morgan

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