Chatting with an animal communicator.

Today I gonna tell you a bit about my talk with Coryelle, she the very nice lady who an animal communicator. That means she can talk to us animals, but not the way Mum and other peoples does, but kinda in our heads.

Also I has to say sorry for not visiting for a few days again. Mum still getting the bad migraines. It all her fault really. She has had tablets that she apposed to take every night to stop her getting them. She had them since she beed 14. Anyways, a few months back Mum figured, she all better now and she not need no stupid tablets, cos they be a pain remembering to reorder them. She been trying not to admit she need them again cos she stubborn, (hey I wonder if that where I get it from?) Anyways, me and Grandpawents have convinced her to go back to doctors and say can she has them again. Cos it stupid not using the computer!

Anyways, onto the proper post!
I woned this session through Johann’s pawsome Holiday contest. Thanks so much Johann. So, I got to talk with a lady named Coryelle Kramer. We talked through our heads, but Mum and her talked through Skype. Now Mum says that like her, lots of peoples is skeptical about things and not so easy accepting as us dogs. Mum keeps an open mind to ‘spiritual things’ she not saying she believe or she don’t, but she found it all very interesting and some stuff beed quite ‘spooky’.

I will try and tell you what we talked about without clouding anyone’s judgements.

First Coryelle said hello to me and asked if I would like to chat and answer some of Mum’s questions. I said “sure, anything she needs” I has a strong presence!

Firstly Coryelle asked if I do agility. Mum said yes, but we has not been for a while cos of bad weather and stuffs. Coryelle passed on to Mum that I loves agility, that I thinks I really good at it and gonna win lots of stuffs. She said I has a cockyness to me! Me, cocky?! BOL! What you think? But she did say without it being arrogance. We talked about my sister that I met that won her agility warrant cos she said I want to carry on my good lineage.

I said I understood that Mum not be as good at agilities at me but I said that ok and I still want to do it.

Next we talked about Grandpaw sneaking me treats and foods I not appposed to have. She said not to worry cos I wouldn’t let myself get out of shape. I not gonna say no, but I will not be a ‘hog with it’, cos I consider myself an athlete and I very intune with my body.

Mum asked about my raw diet if I liked it I said “oh yeah! I like it very much” But I asked for more lamb. Mum said I would choose the expensive meat.

Coryelle asked if I seem to like certain people and hold back with some, like standoffish. Well, of course, isn’t we shelties all a bit like that? Coryelle says if I don’t feel it, I not doing it. So right! She says I can tune into people’s energies real good! I an ‘intune’ animal. She said I a ‘heart hound’ Cool huh? Which means I intune to the heart chakra, the core energy.

Mum also asked about me taking bad things into grandpawents room, like chewing stuff up and taking Pepe’s poos in there. For some reason they doesn’t like that? Mum thinks it just cos it the furthest room away so I less likely to get caught. Coryelle gived us some ideas and think there some bad energies in the room, she thought I funny and clever to do that. Funny enough, since Mum tattled on me I not done it so much.

We talked about my toys some too.

I said that “I would very much like my own doggy bed, it nice to use Penny’s but I want my own.” I used to have one, but I liked to rough it up a bit and kinda broked it, so they tooked it away from me and putted the inside bit grandpawents room for Auntie Penny. I not mind Penny hasing it, but I want a new one. I think I growed up enough now to get a new one and not break it I said I would be gentle with it. Coryelle asked Mum if I has a favourite colour. Mum said don’t know. She got a bit weirded out when Coryelle described the colours and patterns of my old bed and said I wanted one like that my favourite colour be yellow and I think tartan makes me look good. Well, I is Scottish!

I liked Coryelle cos she thought I beed funny. I jumped onto the bed where she could see me to say hi in pawsone too, she said I handsome. I told her she really got me and Coryelle said normally the owners say that instead. BOL!

I also made a deal that I would not do barkings at Auntie Penny on walks, until we gets to the offlead area. Coryelle talked to Auntie Penny to tell her too. I has beed much better since I made my deal with Coryelle, but Auntie Penny has not, I guess she not be as good as me. When Coryelle talked to Penny she blamed it all on me and says I start it! At least I said it both of us barking! She says I see walks as my Auntie Penny time, well, cos it the only time she notice that I there!

Lastly of all Coryelle did a health check thingy on me, she picked up on my itchy ear. (It got a bit waxy) suggested to Mum I get back massages for when I get more into agility. Well, I loves my back scratched so that sounds fun. After we finished talking to Coryelle Mum was stroking me and found a little lump like and insect bite just off my spine, which odd to her cos Coryelle was asking if there beed something with my back.

Overall it beed a fun experience and furry interesting for me and Mum. If you get a chance to talk to an animal communicator I thinks you should.

~lickies, Ludo

22 thoughts on “Chatting with an animal communicator.

  1. That all sounds very interesting. Our Mom says she likes to keep an open mind to things like this too. You never know when an animal communicator might come in very handy.Hope you and Penny do well together on your way to those walks. And do tell your Mom to pursue some help for those headaches – there is so much more they can do today for some migraine sufferers.Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Sorry that your mum is suffering from the migraines. We hope the medicine makes her feel better. That was an interesting conversation that you had. We hope you get your own new bed and that you get to do more agility.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Several years ago, my late Scottie Otis, talked to an animal communicator. I was very skeptical but ended up feeling like she did speak with Otis. His answers were all HIM.Ludo, I think you did a great job, and I feel proud of you for your confidence and courage.Cheers,Jo and Stella

  4. w00fs, its better to take meds for migraines than suffer…did u know that lady has a page on is a fan…mama sent ur mum a email about riiell's mum..has she found out anything yet..(the email was from dogswithblgs news..and i think she sended u one in gmail too…i thinks u shood gits a bed fur urself too..b safe,~rocky~

  5. Wow, that chat with the animal communi-thingy sounds really cool! I hopes I can make our Daddy proud by doing agilities too :-)Sorry your Mum has beed poordy, well done for making her go to see the human-vet, it will makes her feel better.HugsFizz xxx

  6. Your talk with the animal communicator was very interesting – we know Johann talked to her too. Mom always wishing she knew what I was thinking!Sorry about your mum's migraines! It's no fun to have a migraine at all and mom hopes your mum gets some help!

  7. This is very interesting Ludo, I always wonder about these things…but she knew the color of your bed! Wow! Sounds like you are going to get quite a few things you like…a new bed, more lamb, more agility, and some back massage! That was very cool! We hope your Mom gets those migraines under control soon! It probably helps that you're being a good boy!

  8. Tell your mom to take her medicines. Migraines are awful. My momma says she "outgrew" hers when she got to be almost 40 years old so it is good that your mom tries to not use the medicines now and then in case she got better.That communicator thing is very curious. Not sure what I think, but thanks for sharing.Slobbers,Mango

  9. Hmmmm…My Mama says that communicator lady might be a good idea for Bilbo. She can never tell what is going through his mind.Hope your Mama gets better real soon!Smileys!Dory

  10. Thanks fur sharing that!Mom agrees there is khwite some merit here – My furiend Jack a-Roo's mom talked to one about Star and Jack – they were furry spot on about them!We hope woo get that bed!Hugz&Khysses,KhyraPeeEssWoo: and please make sure your mum gets her meds to make her head not be hurty!

  11. My Momma likes that stuff too! She spoke to a Human Communicator who foretold that my Momma's first child will be a son who needs lots of attention, and have toilet training problems.Momma thinks that's correct, cos it describes me!Sonic

  12. Oh Ludo – I hope your human feels better soon. Hsin-Yi says she can understand how your Mum feels because she also has to take pills every other day for something called "hives" – if she doesn't she gets horrible big lumps all over her body which make her itch like crazy. But Hsin-Yi doesn't like taking pills all the time and so she tries to go without for as long as possible – and usually ends up scratchiing her skin to pieces! That was an interesting conversation you had – I hope you get for the things you asked for!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  13. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow cool!!! tucker and me tawkd to an animal komyoonikator wun time i tawkd abowt how mutch i like dog sports and my brother and sister and mama and dada and having a home and tucker mostly komplaynd abowt me so i think it wuz akyoorat!!! ok bye

  14. That is pretty cool Ludo! I love how she said you were an athlete! BOL! She sounds like she knows what she's talking about!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  15. My mom told Coryelle that she thought you seemed like a guy with a lot to say, Coryelle said "he certainly did" BOL! I talked to her once too. Mom wanted to know if I wanted a sister. I said I would really like that,and I do! Everybody said I would hate a sister, but I am glad mom listened to what I told Coryelle. Tell your mum if she can't find a bed exactly like you want, we can look over here for you. And tell her to take her pills! your gal, Morgan

  16. LudoWhat an interesting conversation with you with that animal communicator.Hope your Mom gets her meds and the headaches stop soon.take careClive and the NSLM

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