Thinking thursday

Here I be, copying MFT. So, what I thinking of today?

Thinking it funny that Molly a boy. hehe. He had a case of mistaken gendentity when he beed a puppy. Well, a kitten, since that what rabbit’s is called, but since he a rabbit-dog and not a rabbit-cat I think puppy make more sense.

Puppy Molly.

Molly meeting Penny.

Auntie Penny got scared.

Thinking of…

Hamish, because I went to a lake again and posed for some photos, taking his advice about making the scenery look better. I bets he doing that right now at rainbow bridge.

Wondering if Mum will help me gets the piccures up this weekend or if she will do moanings about stupid work.

Thankful for…
My award from Dennis.

It bribery really to post some more piccures, so it pretty good that TNP tooked us to a new lake on wednesday. Click on the award to see what I said last time I did it. It mostly still true.

~lickies, Ludo

23 thoughts on “Thinking thursday

  1. Hmmmm, so Molly is really a boy, and he was a kitten, but now he is a rabbit – that's a cool trick. Just kidding, Ludo, we understand, just teasing you.And we love the photo.Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Molly is just like my Uncle Eff! He's got such funny hair and wears his jeans tighter than my Momma, so much that all our relatives are always confused! Hahahah!That's a really pretty picture at the lake. You look so handsome!

  3. Hi Ludo! I am glad you are thinking of Hamish because I am too. I put his picture up on my blog to remember him by.I am sorry if Ali Z hurt your feelings. She is bad about that and we have to just ignore her most of the time. We both have a short fuse (you and I) Ali Z does too, except she gets in a huff and runs.Did you mean that Aunty Penny is really scared of Mr. Molly? You never mention Pepe any more, is he OK?Lots of love to you, Ludo, and your whole family,Kisses,Stella

  4. We, too, think of Hamish, and your picture by the Lake, Ludo, are just beautiful. We wanted to come by and say hi! OC and the Country Corgi Crew

  5. Molly is one confused little critter. But he does coordinate with your furs.That is a nice portrait for sure. I am sure Hammish is proud of you for figuring out how to take such a pretty picture.Slobbers,Mango

  6. Love the "thinking" photo Ludo! You must have been thinking really hard! So, you're still a crumb vacuum? And a noise maker? Katie too!

  7. Oh, Ludo! At first I couldn't stop staring at Molly …. well, you know it's instinctual and all. But THEN! Oh. Great. Balto. That photo of you at the lake!!!!!! You look SO incredibly handsome!!!!Love,Ammy

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