Buttermere pt. 1

How right did I be, huh? I said Mum would be busy working and neglecting me and I got it right.

Anyways, here our piccures from the most recent lake we went to. Mum droved us there in TNP’s van and amazingly we all still alive, though he did has to call her a city girl a couple of times when she got scared of the tiny country roads.

This time we went to a lake called Buttermere, I looked forward to it cos I does like butter a lot!

Here some of the favourite piccures they tooked. I might has to spread some out, dependings on how long it takes to upload them all. Some peoples has a short attention span you knows.

TNP wanted to go try taking a piccure of a little stream thingy. He climbed off the path and up some rocks. I followed for a bit, then I realised I’d left Mum behind. I went running back to her and mean old TNP didn’t wait for me. I stood and bark barked at him to come back. Mum tooked some pics from where she stood.
See TNP up there?
Mum tried to be artistic and tooked some photos of mushrooms growing on a tree. 
Oh yes, I has beed working on my training of TNP and here you can see him giving me a sandwich. He made me my very own salmon sandwich for my packed lunch.
At one bit the path goes through a tunnel in the peak it beed good to sniff. 
Come on Mum! Keep up!

Okies, I will do more tellings about my adventures at Buttermere next post! I has lots to tell. Including, sheeps! And wanton lady dogs trying to tempt me away from my gal!!
Shocking, I knows.

These pics all from Mum, I has more from TNP. Like this one.

Although he did do complainings about the light ‘not being right’. Oh yes, he fixed my camera so we can has videos again! ruff!

Just for Stella too, somefur says hello.

Guess who the boss be?
~lickies, Ludo

30 thoughts on “Buttermere pt. 1

  1. Hi Ludo, Buttermere looks like a very interesting place to visit, lots of rocks. We loved the pics of you under that big tree with all the roots and then the one of you in the tunnel. We are glad you didn't climb up there with TNP, looks very rocky and dangerous. The pics Mum took were all very nice.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Hi Ludo, we loved your pics of Buttermere and have stayed near there in our little home on wheels!We are liking the sound of TNP more and more – the fact he made you your own salmon sandwich for your packed lunch sounds very good to us.We cannot wait to hear about the wanton lady dogs!We trust they were not bassets. Some dogs just lack dignity throwing themselves at handsome shelties!love and kissesMartha and Bailey xxx

  3. Beautiful photos Ludo! I'd love to go for a walk there with Oreo & Misty. Misty would love to stop and sniff every little thing along the way, and Oreo would run ahead and wait for us to catch up!Tell your mom she is getting really good at photography! Love the mushroom photo.

  4. Great photos big bro! I just got back from my hol-ee-day in Wales and now these piccures made mum want to go on hol-ee-day in the lake district hehehe. TNP sounds great, he even gives you your own special sandwich! Yummm. I think I need a TNP in my life, BOL!HugglesFizz xx

  5. Hi Ludo! Beautiful photos!! What a neat place! You're so lucky that your mum and TNP took you there – and you even got your own salmon sandwich? I have never heard of such a thing!

  6. w00fs Ludo me thinks me needs a TNP too..me looved the piksurs of ur trip..me never gits to go anywhere fun..b safe,~rocky~

  7. Wow – what an adventure, Ludo! Those are great shots – although we couldn't see TNP at all, although we looked and looked!But gosh – you're very own salmon sandwich??!!!!!! You lucky pup!!I liked the arty mushroom shot. Can't wait for part 2!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  8. Hey Ludo! You are doing a furry fine job with TNP's training. That he made you your own sandwich is furry nice! What is your next goal for his behaviors?Such beautiful places you get to go. Lake Buttermere is very beautiful. The bassets said they camped there . . .what would it be like to run into them! Fun, fun!Kisses,Stella

  9. What a beautiful spot!! I would go nuts playing in that wonderful looking lake! And……YOU GOT A SANDWICH!!!??? Not just a bite, but your very own???? One lucky puppy you are! :)Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,Sierra Rose

  10. Where is the butter????Great adventure in the wild country. Watch out for those gal doggies. Oh baby! They are so tempting, but man, some of them are real, well, you know…Slobbers,Mango

  11. WOWOWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!Buttermere is a fantastic place to visit!!!And all those pics are amazing!!!!We bet you had a wonderful time….We love love love the pics with you under the big tree and the one with you walking into the rock's tunne!!!!And you got your own Salmon sandwich!!!Lucky boy!!!!CAn't wait to hear about the wanton lady dogs and all the others wonderful things you done!!!Take care of you and have a super week!!!We miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!We love you guys!!!!Sweet kisses and licks!!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee……next time can we come with you????We would love to visit your land!!!!;-))))))MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  12. What fantastic photos your Mom took Ludo! We really enjoyed them! Looks like you had a great day!take careClive and the NSLM

  13. Very cool place Ludo. I bet there were all sorts of interesting smells. We are glad that TNP is shaping up so well in the food department. Salmon sandwich sounds great. Thanks for showing all those lovely photos.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  14. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow another grate hike!!! i luv the tunnel and shrooms!!! and oh my gosh wanton lady dogs??? how horrifying!!! i must go and see them for myself sum time ha ha ok bye

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