Buttermere pt. 2

Lots of you asked where did the butter be? Well, in my sandwich of course! hehehe.

Here I has the piccures that TNP tooked. He very fussy with his piccures and I know he not really want me to put these up. But I doesn’t care about that.

Here some of the first view of the lake. We tooked a path that went away from the lake a bit and up into some woods. We did walkings all around the whole lake Mum lost my lead when she put a sweater on so we had to find it when we came back round so that why I has Mum’s scarf on me on one pic. Of course, I had to play ball in the water for a bit. I guess lots of the less known lakes that you can take doggies to look kinda the same, so you might all get bored of seeing them!

Can you see the snow!
Here the piccure that TNP climbed up the rocks for. All the effort and he didn’t even like it!
Here another couple of views about a quarter of the way round. I did not even be a little bit tired then, nope!! Even though I do runnings back and forwards so get a much better work out then Mum.

TNP liked seeing that little house all tucked away. Althoughs, when we got near to it it turned out to be a quite big hotel!
A while back does you remember that my area of En-grr-land got flooded kinda bad. All the lakes got overflowy and stuff. Buttermere too. Buttermere looked after by a thingy called ‘The National Trust’ which look after places of interest and beauty in Britain. So they had been out repairing paths, and clearing away rocks and rubble and trees what had been pushed down and over from the streams.
We did see one tree what had got falled over.  Poor tree, and poor wall what it hit!!
Another little house!
ok, now what yous all beed waiting for really. The wanton lady dogs! At one point on the walk we went past a farmer on a thing called a quad bike, he had two sheepdog dogs with him, but not shetland type ones like me. One’s like Holly and Zac. Anyways they said hello to me and we walked on.
Then we heared all this shouting and whistlings and stuff and the farmer started coming by again. We stepped off the path and one of the sheepdogs comed up to me and she beed flirting so bad! I turned my head away to say sorry, I tooked man dog! Mum told her to go cos she would get telled off!
Then we seed up on the fells (those mountain thingies in the pics, lots of sheeps being herded by dogs and peoples shouting, they moved so fast. The fell kinda sheeps live up on the mountains by theirselves and only come down for things like lambing and medicines. Our farmer shouted and 2 of the dogs went to him. Mum thinks that one of the dogs got a bit norty and didn’t listen and scattered the sheeps. 
We caught up again and Mum had tied her scarf on me incase I wanted to chase the sheeps. The farmer said to her “that’s what I’m missing, a good idea.” He got her to hold the norty dog while he got some string, he said “he’ll pull mind.” but he just licked mum and said hello.
Whilst Mum beed occupied I beed getting harrassed by the wanton lady sheepdog. She called Molly, just like my brofur and she would not leave me alone. She beed licking my face, and sniffing me and wiggling her bum and fluffy tail at me!!
Finally Mum noticed and laughed at her!
 “I not interested, lady!”
Anyways, we walked along and watched them get the sheeps down from the fell, I couldn’t see anything cos of a wall, so I got kinda bored, but Mum and TNP found it furry interesting. Mum said would I like to herd some sheep sometime, but I said, “nah, not really.”
TNP thought the wanton lady dog beed very funny and said she fancied a pretty city boy. BOL.
oh yes, we seed this sheep hiding out the way. Those red marks on it’s back means it been ‘tupped’ by the Ram. They put this coloured stuff on the ram’s chests and bellies so they know how well it performed. 
And now, back to the walkings!
I can see why Molly liked me! hehehe!
This tree root looked like a face, Mum said. I casnot see it myself, where it’s ears and whiskers?
We seed this little lodge things across a field, so went to check it out. It stinked of sheep!
Ah, nearly home. Wait for me TNP!!
The end!
~lickies, Ludo

28 thoughts on “Buttermere pt. 2

  1. Think how good Morgan's gonna feel when she reads this and sees you are not interested in wanton sheep dogs!Most beautiful scenery and thank TNP for his excellent photos!That last photo of you is worth me saving, to remind me of my favorite Brit boy!Kisses,Stella

  2. w00fs, u iz staying true to ur lady, Ludo…even wiff that wanton girl doggy trying to seduce u…bute ti ful piksurs…and heehee that one pik of u, u iz still handsome…b safe,~rocky~

  3. OMD Ludo!!!What a fantastic adventure you and mommy had!!!!And the photos…..awwwwwwwwww…..we're wordless……them are sooooooooooooo stunning!!!!Thanks for sharing with us Ludo!!!!We would love were there with you….maybe we could come over there and visit you!!!!!!!;-)))))))TAke care and we love your new collar done with mommy scarf!!!!Sooooo cool!!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!Sweet kisses and licksHiihihihiiiiiii!!!!

  4. What a wonderful walk!! You live in a beautiful place! I can see why Molly liked you too, but you were a good boy and true to your girl Morgan!

  5. What a wonderful walk!! You live in a beautiful place! I can see why Molly liked you too, but you were a good boy and true to your girl Morgan!

  6. OH Ludo – I thought you were a bit mean to that lady dog! πŸ™‚ I mean – you could have flirted a little, couldn't you? No harm in a bit of flirting funm right? Poor thing – she was probably so overcome by your city boy cuteness! I have to say, you do look so handsome in that close up shot by TNP. Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  7. Ludo, these are really amazing pics! We love the Lake District although have booked for an Easter break up north – now wishing we hadm't!It just looks gorgeous – what a great walk and we are glad you are taking nothing to do with these pushy lady dogs.We love all the pics but especially the last one of you Ludo, have we told you lately how gorgeous you are!We just want to be friends though so don't be worrying.love and kissesMartha & Bailey xxxx

  8. Whew! So happy you didn't buy into the wanton lady dogs' butt shaking. My heart goes pitter-patter, seeing you out there doing all that guy stuff. You look so handsome. All wet and rugged, climbing rocks, and such. OMD! Mom spent a long time looking at all those pictures. She says to tell you she thinks it is really beautiful there. She was wondering who made all those stone walls, and how long ago? TNP made you your own sandwich? He seems nice.. I hope you get to go back there real soon, and show us some more pictures? I might have to steal that close-up picture of you, and hang it in my crate. Your gal, Morgan

  9. What a great place for a walk Ludo. And of course we can see why the wanton Molly was so attracted to you. With all this walking around the lakes you must be in great shape. TNP takes great photos.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  10. What a great place for a walk Ludo. And of course we can see why the wanton Molly was so attracted to you. With all this walking around the lakes you must be in great shape. TNP takes great photos.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  11. Hey Ludo, did I tell you that I really like that last picture of you running toward TNP? Well I do!And tell your Mom there's an update about Bree on REilly's blog. She's home again…

  12. Ludo,How did that little lamb grow pink furs? (only kidding, I know it's paint) Those are some beautiful pictures and my mom says that's the biggest quad she's ever seen!Pedro

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