What Mum seed

On her trip away.
Mum got pretty excited when she looked out her hotel window and seed this.

You might not be able to tell but it says ‘The Kennel Club’. hehe, see, she can never escape me.
Mum says they stayed in a pretty cool posh part of London where she had never beed to afore. I has never beed to London at all so I think they shoulda tooked me but she said the places they went to didn’t let doggies in. She did see one dog though. In a handbag!

Mum only had her phone with her so the piccures not be that good.
TNP tooked her to see a musical called Les Miserables, Mum said it beed really good but pretty sad and some songs made her get a bit leaky.
She not be allowed to take piccures in there, but she’d already tooked some afore they made the no photos announcement.

It beed in an old theatre called the Queens

Mum thought it be quite funny to see tourists taking piccures of things like the billboards and the phone boxes and buses. But I guess if she went to New York or somewhere she would be taking piccures of the yellow taxis. hehe.

Afore the show they went for a Chinese meal in China town. Mum said it beed delish. But kinda hard to eat some of it with the chopsticks.

Now it seem to me that TNP really spoiling Mum, but here the real reason for the trip.

Football! That thing that really exciting on the wheres-the-remote and makes people like Grandpaw jump up and down. Now I happen to know that Mum can usually care less about football, but she went anyway cos TNP asked her, and he did kinda treat her! Also it beed out local city playing in a cup final of something. They lost 4-1. Very sad apparently.


I gived Mum big big cuddles when she got back on sunday night, she been working a lot since then so I hasn’t even seen TNP yet but I thinks I will tonight.
Mum has the morning off so I hopes I can get catched up on all yous lot then!
~lots of lickies, Ludo


23 thoughts on “What Mum seed

  1. Hi Ludo!London! Imagine that big city before you and think of all the things to do!Ask her if she saw any of the Royals like Harry or Wills or Clive Owen!Next time I am sure you will get to go.Kisses,Stella

  2. Looks like a nice trip for Mum but if she stayed in a Kennel surely you could have gone! Good call on the welcome home cuddles, it is always good to reinforce a recall even if it took too long!

  3. What a nice trip your mum had Ludo. Les Miserables is our mum's all time favourite musical – our poor Dad has even been made to sit through it but we are sure your mum will never forget it!We just stopped by to wish you and all doggies, humans and bunnies your end a great Easter.We look forward to catching up with you when we get back.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  4. Hi Ludwig,Now that you know about the Kenn Club, next time sneak in her suitcase and go with her!That's mommy's favorite musical of all times! Glad she got to see it!Luv,Riley and Star.

  5. Oh Ludo – this post made my humans feel a bit homesick for England! not that they lived in London (well, Paul is from London but they never lived there together) – Hsin-Yi can remember going to the West End to watch musicals (she never saw Les Mis but she saw some others – her favourite was Phantom of the Opera & Lion King!) – and of course, eating yummy stuff in Chinatown. Don't worry – Hsin-Yi sometimes has trouble with chopsticks too! 🙂 At home she often just uses a fork – she says it's silly -the important part is to put the food in your mouth! :-)Anyway, we're so happy to see TNP treating your human so nicely- she really deserves it after everything that happened last year!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  6. Pawsome trip! Football…our mom could kill just to watch it! But I can't understand: What is the point to see 22 hoomans running? For me, the ball is enough! 😉

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