I decided that since I has beed sometimes MIA lately. Due to a bad attack of the BUSIES! That joining in Twinkie dog’s Gabe would be a good thing to do. I has already made one new friend, Twinkie!

Gabe be all about getting to know other bloggers better, so here some stuff about me.
I called Ludo van Doggy. Used to be puppy but I all growed up now. I a Shetland Rabbit-dog. Since I has more in common with my rabbit Bro-fur and Sis-fur than I does with sheeps.

I live with my Mum and is a proud Mummies boy. We also live with grandpawents, my Auntie Penny and my Rabbit-dog brother and sister Molly and Faline AND my cat Bro Pepe who we stealed back from OD (old Daddy) afore Crisp mas. I really love Crispmas.

I love doing active things like learning tricks and walkings and exploring and playing and sometimes just snoozing and getting cuddles.

I live in Cumbria in the North of England in the Lake District. It very pretty.

Ok. Now I am doing a giveaway. It a simple one. Every comment I get on THIS post gets put into a draw and on the 18th of April, along with all the other GABE’rs. I will draw out a winner from a hat, or maybe a bowl. I will get TNP to do it!

Now I thought about what to give away, something that reflect me, so some sort of cool toy. But most importantly, since I has beed lacking in time I will give away some of Mum’s time.

I will be giving away a custom replica of you! Made by Mum.
Like so.

This dog called Izzy, and she not a blogger, but yous can see more examples by clicking the Tamed Logo << over that side of my side bar.

I gived a couple of these away for my birthday nearly a whole year ago now, but Mum has got so much better at these and does actually be selling them now, so even if you got one you can try again. They take her a long time so you might have a bit of a wait but I hopes you think it a good thing to give away. If there be more than one of yous in your house you can either post a comment for each of you, or you can nominate someone to represent yous all.


Speaking of being Busies! Mum opened an artfire account and didn’t do nothing with it, but yesterday she sat down and listed some of the things she made that she had lying around.
You can visit by clicking the shop window below or click her blog link in my side bar and get to it that way. Clever huh. Mum’d love any feedback yous might have but doesn’t want to clutter this post so if you would like to comment please visit her blog. Time Tamed.

Ok, all done.
~lickies, Ludo

oooopps, I furgot the window.


53 thoughts on “GABE

  1. Hi, Ludo! I love your blog. If only my girl Trudy was as talented as you. I hope my comment isn't too late to be considered for your Mum's prize. I think Trudy would be pleased to have a Mini-Her!Scritches,Cheryl & Trudy

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