A funny kind of walk.

Funny for Mum anyways!

TNP tooked us for a short walk this time to the village he grewed up in.
It started off very promising.

Shiney, shiney sunshine!

Pretty old church.

Mum liked to take photos of the tombstones, she think it good to remember people, although yous might find it morbid.
But then…. Things started to go a bit downhill, or rather, up hill.
TNP wanted to take us on a route around the river and show us where he used to play and stuffs in the woods as a little person. Well, TNP must has forgot how very old he be, cos that old path… It not really beed there no more!
Er, this apposed to be the entrance to the woods. we has tooked it from the other side, when we had worked around to it.
ok, so the woods looked quite interesting!
Apart from we walked along by the river and everywhere we stepped Mum beed going ‘iiick’ ‘arg’ cos there beed little black spiders running out from under the grasses. Ha, what a Scaredy cat! (no offence kitty pals)
oh look, another gate that we casnot get through.
Along we walked and me and TNP trudged through this innocent looking bit of mud and Mum stopped and refused to go on. TNP’s foots had sunk and Mum collapsed about laughing and said ‘no way!’ I thought it beed great fun! I ran back and forwards lots of times waiting for TNP to try and convince Mum to come across. Mum found a non muddy bit and looked smug. But she didn’t get the joy of squishy mud in her toes so I says her loss.
Look this tree had falled over.
 There beed lots of deer footprints about but I didn’t see any deers at all.
ok, so we had to climb over a fence to go further along. It had barby wire on and Mum beed a big scaredy cat again.  Mum climbed over, (with lots of help and squealings) and then TNP lifted me over to Mum.
As soon as we got into the thicker part of the woods I ranned along. Hurruff!
But then it beed all overgrowed and right at my height and I got stuck in some brambles. Mum got the giggles again. TNP could not do tellings if she beed laughing or crying. But I recognised the laugh… Only it beed much much more. TNP started laughing too. Mum tried to show him my face I did when I got stucked (I had freed myself by then, no thanks to Mum) But no one can understand Mum when she laughs like that.
Mum says it called hysterical laughter because she thought it so silly we beed trying to fight our way through so much bramble and mud and she thought she might die. (drama queen, sorry, cats again!)
Thanksfully we got across this quite good but TNP made us wait for him to go across cos he heaviest, Mum said that beed silly cos the light ones shoulda gone first in case he broked the bridge by being heavy. She so caring huh.
Anyways, we went past this old stately house.
This be the ‘path’ Now I kept getting stuck and at first TNP carried me a bit but i not like that and started doing runnings away, so we made a system where he and Mum trodded on the brambles to hold them down then I walked a bit then stopped and waited for them to hold the next down. That beed very good for me, only TNP kept forgetting about Mum and she kept saying ‘arg’ when the branches whipped her. BOL!
My last photo from the woods, this just afore we got out the woods and back to civilisation. Mum still beed in her-sterics the whole walk and kept giggling and to be honest I kinda thought she might never stop. But she did in the end.
We went and had some nice lunch in a town. (after I got forced in the river and dried to get the muds off me) But since this now very long I will do postings about that another day.
Doesn’t furget, GABE still be on, just comment on the post afore this one to be in with a chance of winning a sculpture from Mum.

29 thoughts on “A funny kind of walk.

  1. My goodness, what an adventure! My mom doesn't like walks with spiders or mud or brambles, etc. either but she doesn't laugh hysterically (she would be more likely to start crying cause she's a wimp!). You're a very good storyteller, Ludo! Glad you survived all those obstacles and got great photos too!

  2. Wow! What a great adventure! We can hardly wait to have our own. Mommy doesn't mind spiders and brambles – just mud. She don't like the mud, 'cuz it makes her lose her shoes. Then we laugh hysterically! Bwahahahaha!Sniffs and Licks,Auggie and RileyBooDee BooDah Tribe

  3. BOL! I did have a good laughs reading this Ludo. My Mum is just like your Mum too, a total scaredy cat! She probably would of been crying though not laughing. BOL!Sounds like a great adventure Ludo, maybe next time TNP will take you on an easier walk though, hehheee.Fizzy xxx

  4. Any walkie that has that much mud sounds like a great adventure to me! Sorry about getting muds washed off. They do that to me too. I hates it.sniffies,Bonnie the wee Scottie

  5. Wow, that sounds like quite the adventure. We hope you didn't have to go back the same way you came in – that must have been just exhausting. Have a great weekend.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Ludo: I'm wit your mom – giggling and in hysterics over this post! You definitely wrote it so well that I understood the hilarity of it all! And I can't believe that that bridge didn't break! Love the church and "stately house" – Great Britain is surely amazingly bootiful! Thanks for your wonderful story and giving me the chuckles for the weekend!Hugs xoSammie

  7. Hi, Ludo!Sure you, your mom and TNP had a pawesome adventure!I don't like spiders either but the mudd sure was great!Thanks for sharing all those pictures!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  8. WOW! What a well..ahem…fun…walk! LOL!!! TNP is certainly interesting! And taking you to really exciting places too! He's a keeper!PS: Tell your Mum that Katie and I got a letter from Reilly's Mom, and she's still in the hospital but getting better. Tell your Mum so she can not worry so much, OK?

  9. Sorry your mom laughed at your misadventure. Those humans. We think the graveyards are interesting and fun to visit too. But sadly doggies are not allowed in them in my area because too many bad humans let their doggies poo there. Great action walkie, though, with lots of exciting exploring.Slobbers,Mango

  10. Hey Ludo! We looked, and looked, but we didn't see a path either! Your mum is a trooper, and my mom is glad your mum got a nice lunch after all of that. Just love it that TNP is getting you out to do "guy stuff" and,oh my goodness,you look sooo handsome out there in all the sticks and mud. Your gal, Morgan

  11. Happy barkday, Ludo!!! (in case we won't be make it tomorrow..)You had a very interesting walky. I Momo walked through the big cemetery in the city once and our mom had a look at each tomb and she thought it gave you a bit of history lesson. We understand why your mom took pictures of the tombstones.Momo & Pinot

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