pre-birthday stuffs

 Remember GABE nearly over! If you hasn’t you can enter my part of GABE here and follow the link to visit Twinkie and all the other GABE’rs!

Afore my birthday I got to snoopervise the preperations. Off we go to town.

Lets go shop!
Sniffing on the way to the petshop.
Choosing. I got a free sausage from the lady there.
Obviously I chose this!
Choosing my dinner. I got lamb necks!
Next, the cake! Put a load of cooked meat (I had lamb, I actually had the scraps that had beed cooked to make gravy from Mum’s works) An egg, some olive oil and some water in a blender or food processor.
Mix with flour! Till it not so goopy, but still goopy. We use about 60 % rice flour and 40% wheat flour on account of my colitis prone tummy.
Sniff testing.
Taste testing!
Sally beed here this weekend and when Mum let her lick the spoon She had obviously never beed allowed to do that. She tried to take the whole spoon and wouldn’t let go. BOL!
Next step very important. Sit by the oven and when it starts to smell really good bark to tell Mum it done. Mum says this tooked about 20-25 minutes in a medium heat oven. If you wants to be clever get it out 5 minutes afore it done and make lines in it with a knife then put back in, then it easy to break up for treats. For extra delishness Yum sprinkled on top some cheese at this point.
Mum made Sally a little one with just rice flour cos she very llergic to wheat.
Oh, somepup asked what the frosting beed. Well, it just a squeezy cheese called primula.
Here me eating the chew I got too. But really I doesnot really likes it and Penny stoled it from me and ate it all up.
Oh, Mum also tooked some videos of me on her phone but casnot figure it out how to get them on here. oh well.
~lickies, Ludo

28 thoughts on “pre-birthday stuffs

  1. OMD this cake looks, sounds delicious and very healthy at the same time! Keep enjoying your prebirthday and do consider making this your birthday month!Twinkie

  2. Hey, Ludo! Here in our family we celebrate the Three Day Irish Birthday, you start on the day before your BD, then big celebration on THE DAY, then gear down a little for the Day After. We love this extended birthday, and I bet you will too. Being so close to Ireland, you could pull it off nicely!Everything looks very good!Kisses,Stella

  3. That looks very tasty! Your Mum is so good to make your treats with the special flours you need. Give her lots of sloppy kisses from all of us.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. I loved learning how your mum made your cake! I'm sure it was really delicious.Looks like you had a great brithday, and it was nice of you to share with Penny & Sally.

  5. Wow Ludo,Your mommy feeds you like Roalty! Are you a Duke or a Prince or something like that?Ww're impressed! You ought to see the gook that we eat!Luv,Riley and Star.

  6. Wow – that looks like the best birthday preparations ever!And that cake must have tasted awesome coz I could see Sally's crazy eyes in that picture of her tasting it – hee! hee!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  7. LudoI can't believe I didn't get to wish you happy BIWFDAY in time!!!I do hope you had a soopew happy day full of fun and love..I know you had it full of the most delicious tweats..youw Mom is amazing that looked fantastic!!1CHEEEWS!!!smoochie kissesASTA

  8. What a yummy looking cake!! Glad you got to celebrate!Mom says she'll try to remember to answer your question about how I learned the cop cop trick in a post next week when she is working less!

  9. What a birthday Ludo….that cake is so incredible…I am getting so many great cake ideas for next year. 🙂 My pal Clive just had an ice cream cake with doggie biscuits in it and yours looks so wonderful….definitely have to put cheese on top for me. 🙂 Funny how Penny wouldn't let go of the spoon. ;)Kisses,Nala

  10. Hi, Ludo!I can see you had a busy day with your pre-birthday stuffs!Your cake sure looks delicious!I hope your mom finds a way to "take those videos out of the phone"Kisses and hugsLorenza

  11. How fun! Katie loves shopping at the store too! But I never made her such a wonderful birthday treat as your Mum made you! Too bad Penny stole your treat! But since you didn't really like it anyway…nice of you to share!!Your birthday is almost the same as mine, 4/16…happy birthday Ludo!!

  12. Sally looked like her eyes were gonna pop! She is never going to want to leave your house after that! My birthday celebrations have lasted at least 7, to one time, 10 days, I just call it birthday week, or month is good too. Your gal, Morgan

  13. Dear Ludo van DOGGY, this is truly outstasnding preperashons Two Paws UP! also eggsellent with the letting ur mum no when the treats were done in the ovens! And also, ur mum cannot figur out the phone vidyo becuz she is a humin and they have brain problemz sometimez! Two Paws UP! for this outstanding post. Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

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