GABE winners!

Our random name picker. Me! I did not do pickings very good, so we ended up picking two. I hopes you all thinked this be fair. BOL.

GABE be so much fun and I hope that I has made some good new friends. Mum and me will try and get around to efurryone in about a weeks time. She and Grandpawents and TNP too is going away to a family wedding soon. Me and Auntie Penny will be staying with Sally and her pawrents for a few days and neighbour Jean will come and look after the rest of us.

If yous the winner, please contact me at my peemail address. ludovanpup(at)
You has one 1 sculpture from Mum so if there’s more of you you will has to decide who to get it of. Tough I know!
But they does take Mum a long time so to make it fair she has had to say just one. She will need lots of pics from different angles and a little right up about your personality and any ideas from you on how you want to be posed in your mini-you. Watch out though, they might try to take over!

So congrats to Cheryl, and the Feisty three! and Wizz!


27 thoughts on “GABE winners!

  1. Hi Ludo! Wow, your blog looks so wonderful, that picture of you at the top and the water, all looks very dignified and lovely!I am so glad everyone seemed to have so much fun with Gabe, we didn't play this time because of other busyness, but next year for sure we will.Have a good time at Sally's house and I will look forward to your next snazzy looking post!Kisses,Stella

  2. Hi LudoCongrats to your winners and we were about to say the same as Clive!Wonderful new header pic – you look stunningly handsome.We hope your humans enjoy the wedding.loveMartha & Bailey xxx

  3. Congrats to the GABE winners! Ludo your video of picking the winners was too cute and funny! I absolutely love the new look of your blog and your header!!! Tell your mum to have fun at the wedding!

  4. Hi Ludo! We LOVE that very grownup picture of you at the top! How handsome you are!Congratulations to the winners of your Gabe contest!!! They will love their minis!!Have fun at Aunt Sally's house, and hope your Mum has fun at the family wedding!

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