Flowers and bugs

Me and Mum came back from our evening walk the other day and noticed that there beed flowers all about! Mum allergic to flowers hehe! We might get some yummy strawberry’s later huh?

Then a real sign that Summer be here. We has some little spiders burst out from our hand rail on our decking steps. OMD. Mum says these be called money spiders and when she beed a little peoples she would find one and put them on her head to get her money. One time when she beed a bit older she tricked her littler neighbour by putting the spider on and some money at the same time. BOL. Doesn’t worry, I wont do lettings of her putting one on my head! Unless there be treats. Good treats!

Things is getting a bit less hectic and Mum’s work and she pretty much finished her other project thingy she beed working on. Check out the other blog soon if you wanna know more about it. She not stealing mine! So the good news is she will has more time to help ME!

~lickies, Ludo


25 thoughts on “Flowers and bugs

  1. Hi Ludo So nice to hear from you again. Do you know, Gail doesn't really approve of me reading your bloggie, in case I pick up what she says is 'bad grammar'. But don't worry, it won't stop me. Those spiders look AWESOME! Toodle pip! Bertie.

  2. Hi Ludo! What a beautiful, beautiful banner photo of you up top!!! I guess I havent' visited in a while – so sorry! Lots and lots of money spiders there!!! (How much money could you get if you put them all on your head heheh???!)Big Huggies xoxoxoSammie

  3. Me & my human have never heard of "money spiders" before – they look awful cute!! :-)By the way, thank you so much, Ludo, for telling us about that 'liver-squished-under-the-fingernails' tip…Hsin-Yi says she never thought of such a clever (and devious!) idea!! Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  4. Hi Ludo:It is always good to hear from you, since me and my Mom miss you when you aren't around!I don't think we would like all your money spiders too much, unless they really bring money, but your flowers are beautiful.Kisses,Stella

  5. Woooos Ludo! Nice to see woo again! Don't worry about all of use , we have been on a little break too, due to Mom being too busy….. Interesting spiders, are they edible??~husky kisses~-Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. Wow….that's a LOT of spiders! I wouldn't put them on MY head Ludo! Good thing you are so smart and won't let her put them on YOUR head either! Except for extra special exceptional treats of course.

  7. LudoMy Mommi is scawed of spidies, but those guys look kind of cute..I hope they bwing you lots of tweats.and those stwabewwies will be soopew yummie,,miammmI wish you could come visit me too smoochie kissesASTA

  8. that's a lot of spiders. i hope they eat the bad bugs. do they eat fleas? And you do not have bad grammar. You have a unique way of speaking that, as an American girl, I find very sexy. Your gal, Morgan

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