FOOD by not-Auntie Penny.

Hello, it’s me! Not-Auntie Penny. A sort of long while ago Mum 2 got an email asking if we’d like to try out some new dog food. Ludo doesn’t eat ‘dog food’ like I do, he is on a raw diet which makes me very jealous!! Mum 2 thought it would be nice for me to get something special sounding since sometimes when I get my biscuits I look at them then look at what Ludo is eating then look at my biscuits in disgust and then sit down and wait for something better.

I would love to eat what Ludo eats and I would be so much less fussy than he is, I eat anything! Sometimes I do get to steal what he is taking too long to eat if he gets distracted and that is so good! I am not allowed it though because I am not Mum 2’s responsibility. Although I was ‘her’ dog when she was little Mum and Dad have always paid for my stuff and when she moved out a few years ago they asked her not to take me, so I became their dog, or the families dog instead. Anyway, they don’t want the bother of having to sort out a raw diet for me.

So this food came and I said I would do the very important job of reviewing it. Here it is! Exciting! Everything is pretty exciting to a spaniel! It says Supadog, so it must be for me! Mum 2 agreed to try it mostly because it is made by that company called Burgess, they make a pretty good rabbit food, so we were more inclined to trust it had nice things in it.

Ingredients are always important! We like to look for a high meat content This has 12% worth of the dried meat, which we guess is 100% in those chunks BOL. Most dog and cat foods only contain 4% actual meat (plus that’s usually only in the meat flavoured peices if you by a popular food like Bakers, or Pedigree). People that make the dog food tend to list the ingredients with the highest amount first, so here it’s no suprise to see wheat and Maize first, but pretty nice that the meats come pretty close to the top! It’s a shame it doesn’t list the percentage of the other meats, but we guess that must be around 4% as they haven’t listed it and we think that’s the manufacturing standard for dog food. We also like to look for not many ingredients as this means less nasty chemicals inside of me! Mum 2 says if you google (er, what’s a google?) around at ingredients lists of some of the top foods their lists are even longer than my ears!

We liked that this was honest too, it told us exactly what the preservative was, rather than saying ‘various minerals and ec approved additives’ as some do.

Ok that’s all the uninteresting Mum stuff out the way, on with the important bit!
Inisde the bag! It smelled really delishious! I jumped up and down then sat nicely.
This says to add some hot water and leave for a bit to make a delicious gravy. It is really HARD waiting for it to cool, it makes a very nice smell!! Ludo got to try a little bit, but he thought it was a bit weird. He only likes kibble when he can steal some that I have dropped on the floor.

Here is one of them real meat peices. They are very tasty! There is 12% of these in the mix, so nice and spread out but not so much that I could just pick them all out and not eat the rest.


I have been eating this food for a few weeks now and I’m doing well on it. You might remember that before Mum 2 and Ludo came back to live with us I had gotten pretty, well, large and had lost a lot of my energy. Mum 2 changed my food to a better one (before I was on one of those unhealthy ones I talked about before) and now I am thin and athletic and full of beans, though still a bit old I guess. I have not put on any extra weight on this food and am still happy and bouncy. It hasn’t given me any upset tums and best of all it tastes really yummy and I don’t sit and look at my food. I might ask if I can stay eating it when it’s all run out!

Love, Penny!

Mum 2’s verdict: Usually we don’t do things like this when asked to, and we have been very late posting about this, but Burgess are one of the few company’s to make a decent balanced rabbit pellet and although we don’t get that one I often buy their hays, (it’s a bit rich and Molly and Faline would become pyscho if they only got the tiny bit of this you need to feed) so I figured it was worth a shot. I’m pretty impressed with it. It seems to be marketed to compete with the foods that have tv adverts, you know the big companies that are like feeding junk food everyday, but it has a lot better and more natural content. I guess theirs no point feeding a completely healthy natural pellet if your dog wont eat it and my parents wont pay the prices of some of the high end products. Penny’s usual diet is Autarky Mature light. It’s a mid price ‘working’ dog food with better ingredients than this imo (16% min meat for starters and lots of herbs and minerals etc) we were very happy with it and the improvements to Penny’s health, but she does seem to find it a bit boring, she hasn’t turned her nose up at this supadog food once, so we are considering settling on the middle ground between good ingredients and good taste. The price is similar (this is a bit cheaper, but not by a large amount) Opinions pawrents?

You can find the food here if you want to check it out for yourself.

p.s. Sorry we haven’t been around (again!) this week. We really miss blogging, I was all caught up, ready to get into a flow again when someone goes on holiday and it becomes half term (children off school for a week) since I work in a hotel that meant go go go. My poor neglected computer wasn’t even turned on for most of this week. But when time is limited it just leaves me to spend what’s left with Ludo, and of course TNP. 😉


16 thoughts on “FOOD by not-Auntie Penny.

  1. Stella eats a kind of boring kibble, but it has lots of pluses, meat as a #1 ingredient, but what I do is buy strong cheese that is sold in the grocery, shredded preferably, then just put a Tablespoon or two in her kibble and stir it up. New strong scent and she gets excited over it. Cheese is fat so I try not to give too much.Cheers and hugs,JoA big hug for Ludo from me!

  2. We're happy to hear that not-aunt Penny is enjoying her new food and doing very well on it!We miss you Ludo and your mum but we know work some times gets in the way and we're glad to know you and TNP get your mum's extra time! 🙂

  3. That was a good review Penny – you obviously liked your new food.We stick to the wellbeloved as Martha has allergies but we will look at the contents now that you have tipped us off.loveMartha and Bailey xx

  4. Ehy guys!!!!!!!We missed you tons!!!!Pleaseeeeeeeeeee……forgive us for our absence……Hope you didn't forget us!!!!Ehy Penny…..that food looks yummy!!!!We're happy you love it!!!!Maya missed her sweet Auntie a lot…..and send you a special licks…..And Ludo…..we saw your photos in the previous post….OMD…you're sooooooooooooooooo handsome…and what a wonderful places you visited!!!We would love were there with you!!!!Hope to hear from you again very soon!!!!TAke care of you all!!!!!WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We are glad that you have a new and delish food. You are a good reviewer Penny. We eat a grain free salmon kibble (which is quite tasty) and Barbara puts different veggies or meat in it too.Enjoy your food.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  6. Yum! (that was from Katie). I'm going to go look at Katie's food ingredients right now! Thanks for the "heads up" Aunt Penny!

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