I got really really stinky!!!! Ruff!! We wented to this cool place called wastwater and I fell in a ‘bog’ or something. I smelled real good after but No one else seemed to think so. More later but I just had to show off how COOL I look all muddy!

~lickies, Ludo


30 thoughts on “stinky!

  1. Oh my…COOL indeed! Doesn't it feel great to be muddy! My pal Hank got into some real stinky stuff the other day and he had to ride in our car. Mom said the cow pies smelled better than him and had to practically stick her head out the window the whole ride home. :)Kisses,Nala

  2. Oh well done Ludo my hero! We have so many bogs here in Scotland and I am looking forward to a long life in which I shall roll in as many of them as possible! Toodle pip! Bertie.PS from Gail: Ah. Wastwater, what a beautiful place. Memories of getting sunstroke (yes really!) as a teenager after hiking over from Buttermere in the baking summer of 1976!

  3. Oh Ludo, we do declare you have never looked so handsome!We can smell you up here in Scotland and it makes you irresistable to us hounds!loveMartha and Bailey xxps could do with a spell check on blogger really!

  4. Ah Ludo! You look MAGNIFICENT in your bog attire! And so happy. Maybe your Mom will let you keep the stinky mud for a few days so that it can settle in and ferment a bit. That would be the best!

  5. LudoYouw mudspa tweatment looks heavenly. I nevew undewstand why hoomans go "EWWWWWWWW" just when we smell the best.I'm glad you had a chance to fwolick in the mud fow a bit.I would love it if you visited me too..I just love having visitows. I love evewyonesmoochie kissesASTA

  6. Mom is cracking up! I don't understand though, I ran off once and fell in an unused swimming pool up the street that was full of rain water and rotted leaves, and this perfect green slime and black goo, and looked pretty much like you do, and I thought it did smell nice, but mom wasn't laughing at me .. It didn't wash off very well, so you should be able to enjoy the smell for awhile. Morgan

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