Time for the piccures from my trip to Wastwater. I has some more after this from TNP, but here the ones Mum tooked. Wastwater be another lake in the Lake District, about half hour driving from me. It is supposed to be ‘Britain’s favourite view’. My old Pal Hamish might disagree, cos he did be a good ambassador for Scottish scenery, but I casnot ask him anymore. It in a village called Wasdale (actually Sally used to live here with her pawrents) and has the highest peak (mountain!) the deepest lake and the biggest liar. (A competition what silly peoples do)

When we went to visit it it beed kinda cloudy and gloomy and rainy, but lucky we didn’t get rained on!

The view!
Sally’s ‘throw the ball’ face.

Now because the lake kinda big and not very pathy and Mum kinda lazy we decided to walk through the woods at the top of the lake rather than all around it.

Come on Mum! I climbed down all them steps by myself!

There beed pretty flowers along the path.
Oh, now expect a few photos like this. I did something really clever and I think I might have beed the first dog to discover this amazing thing. Well I woulda if I hadn’t seen Dexter and the like already doing it.

Well, I found that it the ball went out of my reach and I could not touch the ground anymore in the water, if I just kept on going I could swim!! Yes! Now I can get the ball anytime I want rather than barking at it and getting sad and Mum beed soo so proud of me.

I look a lot smaller all wet.
I like to go through gates.

We found a YMCA hostel, just like the song! And we found a Teepee that some peoples had made. Me and TNP tried it out.

TNP always likes these shots of me and Mum walking down a path, so Mum tooked one of him.

Aw, do we really has to go home?
TNP’s van be very messy!

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Ricky’s Mom asked about TNP not being TNP anymore. Well, I guess he not really The New Person now. But what can I call him now I has got stuck on TNP?


24 thoughts on “Wastwater

  1. Mmm lets have a think Ludo about what you could call the TNP…….best check with your mum but how about TSO – The Significant Other! That will depend on your mum's view right enough.We loved your pics and how amazing that you can swim!Martha tried that and it worked for her but she was pretty scared – we bassets are not great swimmers.You do look smaller when you are all wet – do you blow dry your fur for volume?We liked the gloomy view of the Lake – living in Scotland we are more used to that view.You had a great day out and we look forward to seeing the TNP's pics or indeed TSO's pics.loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  2. Wow – I love all the photos of Wastwater! It's so beautiful there in the lake district where you all live!Mom was thinking you could just call TNP TP (THE Person)! LOL! But we're just teasing you, Ludo – you can always call him TNP if you want!

  3. Hi Ludo! I am proud of you too that you can swim in deep water. Lakes are best, though, not so good the sea.TNP, you could call him Buddy, couldn't you? He seems like a very good pal to you (and Mum!)Beautiful pictures and very scenic!Thanks for sharing your hike with us.Kisses,Stella

  4. Hi LudoLovely pictures, although I don't think that teepee would be very waterproof.As I am young and have not been to so many nountains yet, I can't really say if that really does deserves the 'Britain's favourite view' title. We too suspect that Hamish might have disagreed. Anyway, I am going to get Gail to take me to lots and lots of beautiful places so I can make up my own mind (we terriers like to do that!)As for TNP – surely now it the letters can stand for The Nice Person?Toodle pip! Bertie.

  5. Wooos! what a pretty place fur a nice walkie, but an even better place fur a swim! I love swimming. I wonder what it would be like to swim in cool water, unlike the ware we have here, which is always over 75….Thank woo fur showing us your world!~husky kisses~-Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. We are so glad that you have learned to swim Ludo! We love to swim, It is great exercise and then you can shake water everywhere when you get out of the lake. Very beautiful pictures too. Looks like you had a great trip.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  7. Bertie might be young but that is what I was going to paw: The Nice Person!Thanks fur sharing those pawesome pikhs!As fur looking smaller when wet, I'm betting I'm the same way!Mom khan nevFUR furget how Kyrye looked when she got wet – she was half a Sibe!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  8. How about TOP (Hee hee hee! – just kidding!) I just loves your posts, Ludo and HUGE congrats on learning to SWIM!!! That is my fave thing to do, specially when I get to go after my KONG!!! But where you go it is absolutely gorgeous! And the paths are just amazing and wild. Oh I wish we could come visit, but … quarantine and all. Oh it's so pretty! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful part of the world!Big Hugs xoxoxoxoSammie

  9. What a beautiful place you got to visit Ludo! Your Mom takes great pictures! I've never seen Katie wet, but I bet she's tiny under all that fur, just like you! Good job learning to swim, that must have been sort of scary the first time, ey?

  10. Ludo, you are going to be able to join the olympic swim team, or swim across the English Channel! I can't believe how far out you went for your ball!Beautiful photographs.

  11. WOW – you must be in great shape Ludo. Mom took me swimming once, at a pool, and I almost sank. My fur was so wet and heavy I could hardly get out. That did it for me. No more pools. Maybe a lake would be better, you could just walk out. Don't go too far out and get over tired. I'm telling you, all that wet fur is heavy! Your gal, Morgan

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