Hol-ee-day preperation!

Woohoo! I is getting so excited. Mum says I doesn’t know what I is getting excited about I is just picking up her excited but she be so wrong. I is excited for hol-ee-day!!! Ruff!

Ok, in preperations for hol-ee-day Me and Mum went shopping.

She made me try out my new travel crate in the shop. How embarrassing Mum!
Anyway, she spent lots of monies and I thinks I is all ready for my hol-ee-day now.

In other news, I gotted some new toys, including, this one! The other guests will just love me right! Right?

I liked all the suggestions for TNP, I’s gonna go with Bertie and say the nice person, so’s he gets the same letters.


21 thoughts on “Hol-ee-day preperation!

  1. But, Ludo, you didn't answer the BIG question . . .Where are you going and for how long?Your new ball is cool and I know you will have fun with that.Kisses,Stella

  2. Great new toy Ludo! Make sure you get it all broken in before you go on holiday! So glad you get to go, even if you DO have to stay in your travel crate while you go!

  3. The Nice Person is a lovely name and a logical solution!Nice travel crate and your new toy is awesome – love that squeaking sound but I bet your mum is tired of it by now! LOL!

  4. I understand trying out your new crate in the store. Don't want to get home and discover that it is too small. That new toy! Wow! Great sound effects.Slobbers,Mango

  5. Glad that you have gotten lots of new stuff for your vacation Ludo! Can't wait to see photos of where you go.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  6. Hey Ludo! I love your new squeeky ball. did you hear me barking while you were playing with it? Your travel crate looke just like my travel crate. It works pretty good. I keep mine in the car, I use it at agility too. Your gal, Morgan

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