Hol-ee-day, part 1

Yup, I back! I beed back a little while but since we beed back it been work work work, I not even seed TNP!

We went on a totally pawsome holiday up to Scotland, about 2 hours drive away from me, it be called Dumfries and Galloway. Afore we even got proper there we started our hol-ee-day. We went to an old Castle called Caerlaverock. I doesn’t think that any peoples lives there anymore, just pigeons, cos of it not really having a roof or very good floors anymore.

It got sieged by the English, so I comed along to siege it again. I think that means to do lookings.

Here my new poopod, your people gets to put your poo inside it so’s they doesn’t have to carry it around in their hand. Lucky thems huh?

Ok, here some ‘interesting’ piccures. Personally I found it all a bit boring when we wasn’t doing movings, I did like going up some spirally steps though.

We followed a walk route thingy through some woods and came to another even older castle, which be a big old lie cos it just some stones on the ground what people had uncovered. Mum said I beed like Indiana Bones, heheh.

We stopped and had a picnic and I got some cheese. Then the peoples went back to the tearoom and had tea and cakes and looked at some little birdies! Boring, Lets go!!

TNP says ‘are you ready Ludo’. Mum says in a squeaky voice ‘I’m ever ready, I’m a battery!’ I does wish she wouldn’t pretend to be me to TNP. I not a squeaky puppy, I a big growed up man dog.

Tomorrow I will Tell you all about the hotel we stayed at, we doing it separate cos they emailed TNP and said they is doing a prize for the best review on trip advisor, so I gonna give it a go!

Also, we only has Mum’s piccures at the moment, so when we show TNP’s you will see some same things again, only better, obviously! hehe.

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: I has defected from being English and is now Scottish, come on Andy Murray!


16 thoughts on “Hol-ee-day, part 1

  1. Wooos Ludo! what an interesting trip woo got to go on, us doggies are not allowed in building here on the other side of the pond. Mum is living vicariously through woo….~husky kisses~-Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. We just love old castles!! Mama has lots of pictures of some that are in some far away place called Germany..but those in Scotland look WAY older!!Smileys & Snuggles!Dory, Bilbo and Jacob

  3. Count us among those who love old castles (even just very old buildings) and when we come over, Ludo, you can take us on a tour of old castles. Now don't think this is going to be anytime soon, but who knows, maybe someday!Kisses,Stella and Jo

  4. You always manage to go on the most wonderful trips. We can't wait to see more photos.That castle looks like a fun place to explore. Imagine the fun we could all have doing zoomies up and down those stairs.Woos – Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. OK, so we are all caught up on your goings on now. Don't know where we have been for so long. Mom says time flies – that must be what Maisie keeps barking at all the time. We see TNP must be getting less shy as now we can see how cute he is, except we had to almost stand on our heads. BOL! Now mom says we are going to go back and look at those Scotland pictures again. Your gal Morgan & Maisie too.

  6. Scotland is such a beautiful place with all those castles and whatnot.Yuh, I hate it when momma pretends to be talking in "my" voice too. As if.Slobbers,Mango

  7. Hi Ludo, well your support for Andy Murray sure paid off!Now, here is a coincidence, that Caelaverock Castle is where we used to walk Bailey before she came to live here.You see Bailey was in Dumfries & Galloway Rescue Centre and they wouldn't let her come home until she wasy spayed and she was in season!Sometimes bad humans rescue nice pedigree doggies to make puppies for money and they wanted to be very sure that didn't happen.We used to drive to Dumfries and Galloway every weekend to visit and that is where we took Bailey for a walk before we drove the nearly three hours back home!So we enjoyed your pics even more as it brought back happy memories of nearly two years ago.Of course Martha hadn't arrived by then!Thanks for the memoriesMartha and Bailey's Mum xxxxx

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