Trigony House Hotel

For our actual hol-ee-day TNP booked us a 3 night stay in a hotel called Trigony House. Older readers will know that I has stayed in a hotel afore, but this did not seem like a hotel. It seemed like our very own house, only we had people to bring us stuff and tell us about cool walks to go on and ask us how our day was.

Mum and TNP found the hotel by typing into google ‘pet friendly Scotland’ Now Mum beed a bit cynical cos they had lots of ‘search’ words added in to obviously make the site come up high on google, but she did not need to be. We drove up a lovely windy green driveway and seed a beautiful old looking house. We all beed a bit nervous. Was I really allowed in there? Such a fancy looking place?? As soon as we got out the car we got greeted by this little chap.

I didn’t catch his name but he liked me a lot, I didn’t be too sure, it beed a bit overwhelming for a sensitive sheltie like me. He followed me into the gardens so I could go wizz. It looked very pretty and peaceful with lots of flowers.

Then we went inside and got our key. We had two rooms, cos when we phoned up they beed very full when we wanted to come, so we was gonna has to switch rooms. We thought it pretty cool that they made the special effort for us to come on the days we wanted.

Mum REALLY liked this thing in the lobby.

She made me do posings!

I got to go up them stairs to go to my room, there beed a cat ornament in a window on the way up which I liked to stop and sniff at. I liked to lead the way to the room, I think Mum and TNP woulda got lost without me. Other times we went past all the downstairs room, like the kitchen and bar to get to our room the back way. I liked that way too cos I got to stick my nose into the kitchen.

We met a nice lady who beed the cook and smelled lovely who tooked us to our room. Mum says all you other dog peoples will agree that sometimes if you try to go to places with a dog people treat you kind of like a leper, so it be so nice to go somewhere that not just ‘allows’ us, but encourages us too!

Here was our room, we had a ‘superior’ room, cos well, you know, I a superior kind of dog! See that basket right there? That mine.

Although I very fussy so didn’t like the biscuits but it had a cool walk guide in it which we did.

It had lots of nice old furniture that Mum liked. There beed a cool space between the sofa and the bed that I decided would be my bed. At first I got a bit barky cos I could hear other people, but I soon got used to it. I got to eat some ‘nature diet’ packs instead of my raw food, I ate it in the bathroom.

Plus we did so much pawsome walking that I got so tired out. The first place we explored was some cool woodlands and fields right near the hotel.  I got to be off my lead pretty much the whole hol-ee-day! The peoples talked lots about the view, but I liked the good smells best! It all be so interesting I did not even need to do bark bark barkings. (Translated, that means, THROW THE BALL!)

(Those last three is TNP’s, remember to click to bigify)
One of the very bestest bits about the hotel beed going down for breakfast and dinner. We had our own very special table in the bar (dogs is not allowed in the main restaurant), the peoples made some friends with some other dog owners and efurryone wanted to day hi to me but I is not too sure about new peoples and dogs. I just wanted to look at TNP and give him the ‘give me food’ look. I did let one waitress give me cuddles though, once I figured out she had food and she was nice and quiet and not pushy. In fact all the peoples that worked at the hotel is lovely!
The food be soososososo delicious. I ate some steak, and some venison and some sausage and haggis and some chicken! None of Mum’s stinky vegetarian food, though her and TNP said it beed very nice. They ate there everyday and I LOVED it and so did they. They beed very impressed that all the food be local and home made, I heard lots of people mm, niamniam noises.
Later on I also met this lovely lady, Mum loved her cos she reminded her of our Italian friends!
And Chickens! Casnot get more local than that!
I woke Mum up at half 6, then half 8 then half 6 for go pees then we went back to bed till breakfast time. Well, you gots to keep them guessing. I so did not want to go home!
Ok, this has got very long now so I will save the rest for another post. We met lots of nature! And seed another castle! Mum went horse riding too but no pics of that! Thank Dog I didn’t see it or I woulda got scared for her! TNP thinks it gonna be embarrassing if I post this and then the peoples see it incase we wanna go back to stay again. Mum says TNP worries too much about what people think about him, so guess who won! hehehe!
~lickies, Ludo

29 thoughts on “Trigony House Hotel

  1. Hi Ludo What a lovely trip. A dog friendly hotel in Scotland! Gail – we gotta go there! All those walks and yummy food too. And I guess it was nice for the humans to have attractive furniture, views etc. too! Lucky lucky you! TNP certainly deserves his new 'middle name'! Toodle pip! Bertie.

  2. Hi Ludo What a lovely trip. A dog friendly hotel in Scotland! Gail – we gotta go there! All those walks and yummy food too. And I guess it was nice for the humans to have attractive furniture, views etc. too! Lucky lucky you! TNP certainly deserves his new 'middle name'! Toodle pip! Bertie.

  3. Woos Ludo! what a great place to stay and have a wonderful adventure. Scampi is a lot like woo in that strangers are a bit too much…As long as they have foodies is ok with me. I really enjoyed woo pictures, can't wait fur more!Have a Wonderful day!~husky kisses~-Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. What a beautiful place! My mom is most jealous. She would love to go there. She said it was like a little mini vacation looking at the pictures! Wags! Mr. Nubbin'PeeS. You passed up treatables? 😦

  5. Ludo! What a great place your Mum took you for a vacation!! you are so lucky to be exploring such beautiful grounds and meeting new furiends!!Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  6. What a great vacation and a totally cool place to stay! Isn't it nice when good dogs are encouraged to visit. The pictures are terrific and it looks like you got great walks. We are glad that you had a wonderful time.My boyfriend Riley is a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Standard Poodle) like Clive although of course Riley is not trained as an assistance dog. He is very sweet though.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  7. Oh, Ludo! What a great vacation you had and such perfect surroundings!Your little Doxy welcome pup was very cute!Make me a reservation!Kisses,Stella

  8. That looks like the PERFECT vacation Ludo! My mom found a place in Texas that is kinda like your hotel (but not as pretty) and I am begging her to take us there!

  9. Oh Ludo, what a GREAT holiday you had!! That place looks so pawesome! Tell TNP that your post is like free advertising for the place and they should be happy you liked it SO much that you dedicated a post to it! Now more doggies in your neck of the woods may try it out. πŸ˜‰ I think it looks like a most pawesome place to go!Kisses,Nala

  10. Hi Ludo, that house just looks delightful and even better that they like dogs!We have still to read your last post as we have fallen behind but it looks like you all had a great holiday.The grounds looked amazing and your room looked so comfortable.Even though you didn't like the biscuits that was such a kind gesture.We loved the rocking horse and also all the old furniture.It just looked so comforable and not imposing, as sometimes happens.We must try that hotel sometime ourselves.So far we have booked a cottage cos we are not sociable, well Martha isn't and gets scared easily.You behaved very well indeed and we love that you got to go with the humans.You know they probably wouldn't have gone the great walks if you hadn't been there and also they got to meet lots of other cool 'doggie' and kissesMartha and Bailey xxx

  11. That's the most beautiful hotel we've ever seen, Ludo! Mom says any garden that has poppies is a winner!What a wonderful time you're having!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  12. Ludo,What a beautiful place! I went on vacation with my human's recently too but the place we stayed in was like a shack compared to where you went! About the moth – I don't think I'd like to taste it but I bet my stupid cat brother Natty would eat it right up!Pedro

  13. TNP does worry too much. We think if people see this they are going to want to go there, RIGHT AWAY!, and take their dog with them. The owners are going to love you for the extra business. It looks like a beautiful friendly place for people and dogs. And, good food too, WOW. You are so lucky. your gal, Morgan

  14. Hi there Ludo, Thank you for the visit, it is good to see you again. Sorry, our human has not been good at keeping up with our friends lately. We shall try and visit you more often now though. :)What a wonderful holiday you had, the place you stayed in looks very nice and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

  15. Oh Ludo – what a beautiful place to stay! AND dog-friendly too! I'm SO SO envious!!! I actually think places like it when we mention them on our blogs – Hsin-Yi says it gives them good PR!Hee! Hee! Paul is also always worried about my blog and who might be reading it – and when he is on it! But Hsin-Yi tells him that nobody is interested in the humans really – they're just background for us doggies! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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