Nature and Scenery!

Pee ess: No Mum, pee ess’s doesn’t always has to go at the bottom, efurryone seem to be playing Frankie’s name game, so here my name story, since I has shared it afore when Suzuki interviewed me!

Hurro, this post 3 on my hol-ee-day. Remember you can click to bigify!

Today I thinks I will show you some of my nature and scenery photos! Most of these is tooked by TNP. This not need much words! So here you go. Some of them is from a place we went where a man who used to own the land started buying sculptures from famous artists and putting them on his land for people to enjoy. It a really nice place to walk and where we saw lots of wildlife! Lots of birds of prey too but no piccures of them, they move to fast. They would have made my rabbit-dog siblings poop theirselves, hehe! I barked at the people looking statues.

Mum liked these baby cows, they all comed to say hello and touch her hand, some even licked her, she wanted to stay for ages but me and TNP said no. She got sad cos some of them said what they was gonna be in their earrings. My dinner I say! Stupid vegetarians!

Now these squirrels is not for chasing, ok? They is proper British Red squirrels what is dying out in the UK and the peoples in charge of nature and what not is trying to save them from their ‘American cousin’ the Grey squirrel what is taking all their habitat cos they is stronger and bigger and can survive a lot easier. They is pretty much only in the north of Britain now! Mum and TNP looked for them the whole holiday and they be very glad to see one! Also the hare above the first time Mum ever seed one in real life. I such a good dog to not do chasings huh?

Ah! One more day and I’ll be all done with hol-ee-day.

~lickies, Ludo

28 thoughts on “Nature and Scenery!

  1. Wooos Ludo! What pretty pictures, I liked the birdies and the squirrel and the bunny. I am proud of woo fur not chasing the bunny, though it would have been fun. My favorite picture was woo on the hill with the sun.~husky kisses~-Kira The BeaWootiful

  2. Fabulous photos Ludo! You got to see so many interesting animals on your vacation. That red squirrel was very cute. Much prettier than our grey squirrels here. We liked the horses too. Looks like you had a great time.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Hey Ludo!Very nice pictures, I liked every one of them, but my favorite was the wide view of Mum, TNP and You!You have a beautiful country to visit and I am glad you are getting lots of trips. And Proud of you for not chasing! Whooo!Kisses,Stella

  4. We bet your mum was very excited to see the hare. I wish Maisie and I could go there and run in all those fields. It looks like so much fun. Very nice pictures! And TNP is looking straight at us! That is one of our favorites! We like the sky pictures too, especially since you are in them. your gal, Morgan

  5. Wait a minute… where did that nice picture of you and your mum and TNP go?? If he made you take it down, tell him he is being silly. We are all friends here, and besides, that was the picture that showed the most how much fun you all are having. And, it makes me and Ricky sound like cracker shelties for talking about a picture nobody can see. Morgers

  6. Your TNP is such a fantastic photographer!! Hsin-Yi wants to come and take lessons with him! And we LOVE that family photo – you should take more like that!!!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  7. Wonderful! I loved all of the photos but especially the ones with YOU in them! The one of all three of you is beautiful, you sure love your Mama, huh? Looking up at her like that! 🙂 And I like the last one of you very much too! It looks like a terrific holiday!

  8. Love your name, Ludo – had read it on Suzuki's blog! And those photos and your tellings about them are just wonderful! Love that squirrel you woofed about – I wish some anipals would not become endangered – that is such a cute red squirrel. And those sunset/ field and mountain pix with and without your family are so beauteous – heavenly. Thank you for posting them, Ludo!Big Hugs xoxoxoSammie

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