Drumlanrig Castle

On the last day of my hol-ee-day now, hope you didn’t get too bored with all my piccures!
We went to a pretty castle with lots of grounds to walk in. It beed fun only Mum couldn’t go into the gardens so me and her went to the gift shop cos she be going AchooAchooAchooAchoo from the flowers.

These piccures is by TNP!
We went on a woodland walk. I followed the signs very good.

This thing supposed to represent a salmon leaping upstream.

This an old water pipe that ran from the river to provide the castle with water during some old time called the 1930’s. Mum thinks this such a cool photo, she would call it something like Nature wins.

At one point the stream made a cool pool! I got to practice my swimming!

This old building used to hold the turbine and stuff for that old water pipe.

TNP says he would like to live here. Would you?

The castle pretty cool! It still a working estate so their sheeps and little craft shop thingies and working gun dogs! The barked at me when I went past their kennels.

See more: http://www.drumlanrig.com/

Well, that all of my hol-ee-day pics used up. Apart from one. TNP not really like me showing his piccure, so to make up for it he asked me to show an embarrassing one of mum.
TNP thought it funny when we went through a bit field of grasses things and Mum’s achoos got so bad she said she beed dieing! Teehee!

~lickies, Ludo


29 thoughts on “Drumlanrig Castle

  1. Your poor mum! I've been sneezing a lot and it's no fun! You shouldn't try to embarrass her like that, Ludo!Love all the photos from your holiday! You go to lots of pretty places and TNP takes great photos!

  2. I love the castle, especially the garden. It is beautiful. I would love to live there, and dress up like the girls in Pride & Predjudice! LOL.

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your holiday, Ludo! Very beautiful and just the kind of places I like to go.We are going to go read more about Drumlanrig Castle right now!Kisses,Stella

  4. hello ludo its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow!!! they had pipes in the 1930s??? amayzing!!! pee ess i dont think that pikcher of yore mama is that emberressing!!! ok bye

  5. Hi I've just picked up on your blog from Frankies Wedding blog, nice to meet you,I'm a WT and live in Shropshire, The photo's you take are lovely, mom loves taking photo's to.See Yea George xxx

  6. Hi I'm back again, you have just won an award from me, for your Hoilday photo's of Scotland, if you would like to accept it pop over to my blog, there are a few duties if you do accept, the details are in blue on my post I've won an award.See Yea George xxx

  7. We would LOVE to live in that castle! We could play hide-n-seek and never find each other! Francesca and Autumn both said they'd be honored to work weeding in the gardens!Love ya lotsMaggie and Mitch

  8. What a beautiful castle and garden! Good thing you were leading the way!BOL that is a funny pic of your mommy Ludo! She must do a lot of sneezing!!

  9. That achoo-achoo thing is not funny, right?Sure you visited pawesome places!Thanks for sharing the pictures!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  10. Gorgeous photos of an incredible place! Checked out the site and they sure have a lot to offer to hoomans! But Ludo… you made the MOST of what doggers can do – LOVE seeing you swim – oh, how I wish I could have swam with you in that cool swimming hole! You are a great paddler! Bravo! And the grounds – amazing! Thanks for the tour! Glad you had such a great vacay!Hugs xoxoxoSammie

  11. hihi ludo!wow, ya'll sure visited some neato places on your vaca! i totally dig that castle. i'd like to live there, too. lots of space to do zoomies 'n stuff!i'm sorry your mama got the sneezles so much. that happens to my mama, too, and she says it's no funsies at all!*woof*the booker man

  12. Oh Ludo – how could we ever get bored of such gorgeous photos?! My favourite one is of you on the bridge! But they are all so gorgeous – and my human loves looking at them coz it reminds her of when she & Paul used to live in England – they lived in the Cotswolds. Wow – that castle is beautiful – especially those gardens. What kinds of dogs did they have working there? Hsin-Yi was laughing when she read Sara's comment coz that's what she thinks – but she knows the reality would be no hot running water and uncomfortable dresses and other yucky things – not really as romantic as in P&P! Hey – I've just been on holiday too! And I've just posted about it – it was a bit of a different holiday from yours but we got some nice photos too. Come on over to my blog and check it out when you've got time – and see what you think of my photos! πŸ™‚ Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  13. Oh your poor Mum!!! Sneezing is not fun and sometimes it really does seem like you are going to die!But the castle is WAY COOL! And you had such good sniffings, didn't you! You looked beautiful in the pictures, glad you got to swim too!

  14. Hi Ludo Oh if only I had had the chance to read this post before we drove back from Nottingham to Aberdeen. We were quite near Drumlanrig Castle at one point, and I would have made Gail take me there, it looks so nice (despite the achooachooachoo flowers!)Toodle pip! Bertie.

  15. Hey Ludo. I like the picture of you and your mum on the bridge. I would like to live in that castle. I could chase my cats from one end to the other. Is that a John Deere tractor? You should of taken it for a spin! BOL. your gal, Morgan

  16. Wow Ludo! What a cool place for a walk, looks like fun! Sorries about your Mum sneezes, my Mum did that this morning about 10 times in a row, now she's fine, BOL!!! Makes me bark πŸ™‚ Did you see sheep, did ya? did ya? Woofs Johann

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