Here I is, back again! We got one of those pay as you go mobile dongle things, Mum a little worried that we used up about a quarter of our monthly quota just visiting all the blogs! Me and Mum is all nice and settled in our new home, although she working much too much too much! I still go stay with Grandpawents if she gone for a long time but I starting to not want to go, I like it in my house.

Come has a tour with me. This my new bedroom where I sleeps, I let Mum sleeps there too. I like to jump up and get cuddles until Mum gets bored with cuddles and then I lie on the floor.

This Molly and Faline’s room, or also Mum’s crafting room. No guests here!

Molly and Faline is very messy with their hays and they does not share their treats. Well, Molly be ok, but I does not like it if Faline comes into the living room and tries to get food when Mum be eating. I does chasings of her a bit then. You can see Mum be working on something. She just started again after all the moving stuffs.

This my sofa and my TNP.

TNP has come up with a new name for himself. He says it Chump. When he come round to visit he says I is saying ‘Yay, chumps here.’ Mum says a chump means that it is someone who will fall for anything and give me treats and strokings and playing just cos I look at him. So I guess that right. He calls me furball, which I guess right too. What ever his name I just love seeing TNP/Chump, I looks for him on walks and get so happy when I sees him! I like to do bitings on his fingers and get sooo close to him. I think it make Mum jealous, but she still my number one. Even if she not feed me many leftovers.

Everything all just the same in Saint Bees. We had the summer with all the stupid noisy childrens but they all gone now and we can go back to the beach! Hurrah! Our first day back beed very windy, but we is hasing some sunny sunshine says now. I likes the wind better though, it exciting and not make me all hot and tired!

~Glad to be back lickies, Ludo


18 thoughts on “updates!

  1. Well we're glad to see you back. We had forgotten about the bunny rabbits who lived with you, but we are glad to see they are looking good too!

  2. Hi LudoGreat to hear your news. I must say, that windswept look suits you just fine! And you clearly have Mr TNP/Chump wrapped right round your little claw. Which is just how it should be, I think we can both agree.Toodle pip! Bertie.

  3. Hey, Ludo! I am happy to see you back too and your new home looks very nice!I would change one letter in Chump's name, the U becomes an A, and he gets to be CHAMP! You know what a champ is, Ludo, just the best of the best and it sounds like thats what you think of Champ!I hope everything goes fine in your new house. You look great!Kisses,Stella

  4. It's so good to hear from you again finally, Ludo! We have really missed you and your mom! It was so nice of you to leave us a comment the other day too – just like old times! Now maybe you can start playing tRicky T-Day again – Oreo and I have kept it going all this time!Love your new house! Your bed looks so comfy! I don't know about TNP's new name though. Chump doesn't seem nice and TNP is a super nice person!

  5. Thanks fur the tour!It looks khwite khomfy!My mom is like that at night too – I mean she looks so khomfy on the bed I don't know why she gets down!I'm glad to see woo've made Chump putty in your paws!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  6. Oh Ludo, I am so happy to see you back! I missed going on adventures with you!Very nice place you live! And excellent that TNP..um…Chump is so fun to play with. He looks very happy too!

  7. Chump-BOL! Mom says that is what we should call Bill the mailman. We now get 8 cookies in the mailbox, we used to just get 6. The new house looks super-duper! Mum has her own office and everything! I know what you mean about the wind, it is so much more comfortable when the wind blows your furs around. Great update, good to see you again. Your gal, Morgan

  8. We're soooooooooooooo happy you're back!!!!We missed you tons!!!Mommy is working a lot so she has not too much time helping us blogging!!!Sigh sigh sigh!!!!WOWOWOWOOOOOOO!!!!So your humans are planning to come in Italy????Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…..tell them we would love have them as our special friends in our house!!!They need help planning where to go…….Mmmmmmmmmmmmm……What they love visit???Sea….monuments….big towns….they want a relaxing vacation or visit lots of places???Give us some ideas about what you love and we would love help you!!!!!But only if you promise us to visit us!!!!;-)))))))))))))))Ehy….guess what???Our humans are planning to visit Scotland (Highlands) at the end of sectember….Can your humans help them too planning where to go and what they could visit in 5 days??Pleaseeeeeeeee……feel free contact us by email so we could be in contact!!!WE LOVE YOU LUdo and Maya send lots of special licks to her sweet nanny!!!Tons of love and kisses and sweet hugs!!!MUAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

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