just lookin at Mum

Here I is, just sitting on the top of the sofa, looking at Mum. She said it be creepy that I just sat and looked at her, but sometimes I just like to make sure she there and not going to work or nothing.

We is looking after Auntie Penny this week cos Grandpawents had goned on hol-ee-day! OMD! She such a PAIN! She does barkings the whole time Mum out (until she falls asleep) and she takes my valuable people attentions on to her self! Plus she gived us both the runny poos that mean I has to get showers on my bum! She pulled the bin over one day when Mum be at work and we ate the stuffs inside it. I totally innocent in this cos what dog wouldn’t eat it if offered? BUT I would never of pulled it over myself!

Here be Auntie Penny when she younger and probably less annoying.

~long suffering lickies, Ludo


29 thoughts on “just lookin at Mum

  1. Oh poor Ludo, that Aunt Penny is a pest right enough – just as well she is a cutie!You look very grown up and handsome staring at your mum!It is nice to hear from you – we have been very bad bloggers recently but have missed you!love and kissesMartha and Bailey xxps our mum says that when she wins the lottery she will give you mum some of her millions – then she can stay home and be with you all of the time!!!!

  2. w00fs, how cute u looks on the back of the couch, thats where lacylulu loved to lay…mama says stuffs in the trash is not fur girlies and boyies pupps, orrrr kitties..me not know why not, just her saided that..b safe,~rocky

  3. Hello Ludo!You and Aunty Penny got into mischief good this time. I bet you got some scoldings for that!I love your new header picture, it is just beawootiful.Kisses,Stella

  4. What a great shot of woo!I wonder if I khould do that on the sofa?I mean, I like to pose like that on the patio!RutRoh on the poo'plosion!But when we see the chance, we just do what we know to do!Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  5. Hi Ludo! It has been waaaay too long – so sorry Auntie Penny made such a mess of things for you. But you sure look cute on the back of the sofa!Big Hugs xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  6. Poor Ludo – not getting enough of your mum's attention and then having to share it with not-Aunt Penny. Plus NAP got you in trouble with eating trash out of the bin! You are suffering, my friend! Hope you get to do something fun soon!

  7. Now Ludo, you be nice to your auntie. She is old and deserves some respect. And don't go blaming her for your piggy party that gave you the blasting bum. She did not force the foodables into your mouth.Slobbers,Mango

  8. HI Ludo! I lay the same way on my brown couch! And gaze into mommy's eyes for hours! Daddy said its creepy…..I say its puggle love! I love my mommy, Im sure that's why you do it!Sorry to hear about having to have showers on your bum after aunt Penny leaves…..that doesn't sound like fun at all! Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  9. Hi, Ludo!That is a pawesome spot to keep an eye on your mom!Sounds like you are having an interesting time with Auntie Penny!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  10. You are a very good human watcher Ludo!! We do not think that is creepy at all and do the same thing at times!Smileys & Snuggles!Dory, Bilbo and JacobPeeS…We hope Aunt Penny goes home soon!

  11. hiyas, ludo!i totally dig your back of the sofa spot! that looks totally comfy cozy. my mama says she would be meltin' to have your handsome eyes staring at her. humph! i guess i better stare at my mama more with *my* handsome eyes.sorry that aunt penny is being kinda annoying and pulled the bin over and gave you runny poopies. that is totally no funsies at all. :(*woof*the booker man

  12. Hi Ludo!We have been catching up with your posts. What an amazing holiday you had! LOVE, love, love your pix! They are all so beautiful. We will stop back again when we have time to view them all properly.Your header picture is simply gorgeous!We have missed you lots!Lots of Luv & KissesAddie, Lucie and Hailey

  13. Hi Ludo – I'm back! Sounds like Auntie Penny has been keeping you busy – hee! hee! We have new neighbour doggies that have moved in next to us and they bark AND howl all day when their owners are gone – it drives my human insane! :-)I have to say, you do look a bit creepy on that sofa…Hey – pop over to my blog when you';ve got a moment and check out my latest post – it's about all the doggies my humans saw in Taipei and you won't believe the pampered lives some of these doggies have! Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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