I thought I would do some joinings in and post my tongues piccures! I missed the deadline for Twinkies contest, but it looked like so so fun anyways! Efurrybody likes to show a bit of tongue now and then right?

Worn out tongue

Puppy tongue!

Running tongue!

Puppy tongue+running tongue!
Food stuck in mouth tongue!

Strawberry tongue!
Cheeky tongues! / gimme food tongues!

Tada! Hope you like it Twinkie!

~lickies, Ludo


16 thoughts on “tongues

  1. Oh, wow! What a funny fun post and so many gorgeous photos. I was trying to remember to tell you my favorite shots, but … it was almost all of them. I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to enter. I would have loved the bunnies to join us as well. We'll come up with something fun for you to enter your superb photography in :)Twinkie

  2. Lots of cute tongues there, Ludo!Happy weekend. :)Btw – we don't know if you have seen our latest post but from the 1st of November we will be an invite only blog. We hope to see you there. 🙂

  3. You running across the beach is my very favorite picture of you, Ludo!I liked the last one of the two bunnies as well.I have a message for you from Baby Bertie who says its fine for you to attend his Earth Science class.For me, I don't like rain too much and I hear you get quite a lot of it, so I think I will stay home this time. Even though I will miss seeing you very much. I often think of the fun we had at your party a while back.Kisses,Stella

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