Happy Birthday Auntie Penny…

… Please stick around for some more!

Today it be Auntie Penny’s 13th birthday. Mum got her when she beed 12, so Auntie Penny now be officially older than Mum was then.

Although it a very happy day, it also gived us some bad news.
For the past while Auntie Penny been showing her age more, she not hear so good and get out of breath easy. This last week or so Grandma noticed Penny seeming to have trouble breathing and making nasty gaspy sounds when she get excited or fall asleep. So the day afore her birthday she went to the nasty vets. Although Auntie Penny like all peoples so not mind really.

It did not be such good news. Auntie Penny has got heart disease/failure. She had to stay in the vets all day for x-rays. It not too bad, just a thing of old age I guess, but she got to try and take it easy. At the moment she has fluid around her heart and on her lungs, so she on some tablets to make that go away. In a week she has to go back to see if it gone. If it not, we not know what will happen, if it is then yay! She has to rest while the tablets kick in, hard for Auntie Penny to do! She a springy spaniel!! She on some other tablets that she will has to take furever now to keep her heart good and hopefully she can live for many years more on them, but if they not work, well, Mum says we will see and cherish what time we does have. But for now, she still happy, she still nutty and naughty and sweet, she still PENNY! And today be her Birthday! Hurruff!

Piccures say it all!

~lickies, Ludo


32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Auntie Penny…

  1. Happy birthday beautiful Penny! Our Lilly is 17 and has a bad heart murmur, but she acts just like a pup! Here's to a BUNCH of more happy birthdays!Sugars,Mack

  2. We hope that Auntie Penny can still enjoy her birthday. We are sorry to hear about her medical problems and will cross our paws for her meds to help a lot. She is such a beautiful girl. Hugs to all.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Happy Happy Birthday PennyMay bones rain from the sky today.Love Ruby & PennyPees – we are sorry that Penny has heart trouble. We will keep our paws crossed that all the meds work.PeePees – that cookie looks yuuummy!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Auntie Penny!Such sad news that she got for her birthday huh? I bet that she will feel better once those medicines start working. Getting old is no fun! She is very much loved and it looked like she enjoyed her birthday treats!

  5. happy 13th birthday, auntie penny!!!you definitely are all springy and full of the happiness! i love the picture of you puttin' your big birthday cookie in your mouth. teehee!i sure hope your new meddies help your heart feel the betterment so you can have 50 gazillion more happy birthdays!!*woof*the booker man

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  7. Happy Birthday Aunt Penny! She looks so sweet enjoying her birthday treats. Paws crossed so that the medicine works.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Happy Birthday Penny, we hope that the meds make you feel a lot better. Have a great birthday! :)PS – Thanks for the blog visit, we are glad you want to keep reading. :)That photo was taken right near the Ashton memorial, we enjoyed our walk around that park. The views are lovely from there.If you can let us have your email before the 1st we shall send you an invite. Thanks again. 🙂

  9. Hi Aunty Penny and a Very Happy Birthday to you.Sorry to hear you got some bad news from the Vet, but I bet those pills will fix you right up.Let us know how you are, please!Kisses,Stella

  10. Happy Birthday Aunt Penny or is it not-Aunt Penny! Sorry to hear about the heart issues she has – it's tough to grow old. Hopefully the medicines will help. Penny doesn't look 13 to me!Be nice to her, Ludo!

  11. Oh Happy Birthday, Auntie Penny!!I'm sorry to hear about her heart sickie – I know all about that kind of sickie coz it's something we Danes get a lot and a lot of us die early because of it. My Daddy died at 6yrs because of heart failure. But I hope the medicines work well for Auntie Penny – am sending her lots of healing slobbers!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  12. Hi! A bit way behind on bloggies…. Happy Birthday to Auntie Penny! Super sweetie pie :)Really hoping the medications do their work, and springy Penny's heart is ok. Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,Sierra Rose

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