Goin on Hol-ee-day!!

Again! I know, TNP be spoiling me and Mum. We going back to Scotland to do some more exsplorin! See you soon!!
Hopefully when I gets back I will not be too zorsted.

Thanks for thinking of Auntie Penny, she say she feel fine, just a bit out of breath. Her tablets seem to be working, she has 2 more weeks for another check up.

~lickies, Ludo


20 thoughts on “Goin on Hol-ee-day!!

  1. Wow, this sounds very exciting! Will you be taking Bertie along as a guide? (just a little joke there!)Have fun and take lots of pictures.Kisses,Stella

  2. Sounds like a great trip Ludo. Can't wait to see the photos since Scotland is where Gordon Setters come from originally.Your friends,Niamh and Ambrose

  3. oh, wowsers! you have tons of funsies in scotland, ludo!! i can't wait to see all the pictures!oh, and i'm super glad that auntie penny is feelin' the betterment. :)*woof*the booker man

  4. Off again?? I hope nobody is as cranky as Bertie was. Good news about Penny! I'll see you when you get back. Take pictures of yourself looking very handsome up there in Scotland. your gal, Morgan

  5. How fun, Ludo! We just got back from Vacay, and had a great time! I know you will have fun exploring Scotland – wish we could go along with you! Send our kissies to Aunt Penny xoxoxoxoxoxoxoLove,Sammie and Avalon

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