Back from Hol-ee-day!

I has had another PAWSOME hol-ee-day with Mum and TNP. But mostly TNP cos I much prefers him to Mum. He only says nice things to me and does not do tellings off and he just give me his food even I just look at him. I think Mum jealous cos she going to me ‘oh, tnp I love you’ in a silly insulting voice. Well she should be jealous cos TNP like me best and even let me sleep on his feet all night till mean mum kicked me off. (Mum said that TNP told her too cos he beed complaining he couldn’t move and he too soft to do it, but I not believe her).

Anyways, I has to be quickly today cos Mum gonna go watch X-factor. Notice she updated her stupid attentions-taking blog afore mine? So here some piccies I will post more when we get the better piccies from TNP’s better-than-mum’s camera.

Ah, TNP. *sigh*
~lickies, Ludo

23 thoughts on “Back from Hol-ee-day!

  1. We are watching X Factor Ludo and glad Matt got through!However amazed that Wagner still in……!Your holiday pics look lovely, looks like you had some great walks.The TNP seems to be your favourite human at the moment – but remember you have to keep in with your mum too…….!love and kissesMartha and Bailey xxx

  2. Blimey Ludo you look waded down with that back pack, can they not carry there own things! beautiful place you went to. I'd like to see mom climb on the side of a rock like your mom(I thinks its your mom sorry if I got it wrong!)Looking forward to the other photos See Yea George xxx

  3. Ludo, I agree with my basset Aunties. However nice TNP might be, I think you have to remember that your Mum is very nice too. Oh, and a scientific question Ludo. Have you discovered a new form of gravity? I just ask 'cos the water seems to be flowing sideways in one of those photos, Toodle pip! Bertie.

  4. So you and your mom are fighting over TNP? This should be interesting. Maybe she's jealous because TNP doesn't feed her every time she looks at him or let her sleep on his feet. He's just going to have to spread some of those tidbits and TLC around between you. 🙂

  5. WHAT ARE THOSE BIG BLACK FURRY THINGS???I was scrolling through the nice pics, until that one almost made me pee on Pops' keyboard.Sonic

  6. Gosh, Ludo, looks like you went to another beautiful place! I am so jealous! TNP sounds like such a nice guy – I don't blame you for loving him so much especially when he shares his food with you!

  7. Hi Ludo!Looks like a lovely vacation to me!I would like to see you be a little nicer to your Mom, please. I know TNP is a very nice guy and you like him a lot. But its really rude to treat one person poorly and the other person kindly.Looking forward to the rest of the pics!Cheers,Stella

  8. Ludo! No worries. Guys have to stick together and I bet you have some special male conversations with TNP that your mom wouldn't understand.Slobbers,Mango

  9. Ha! Ha! Ludo – your backpack looks almost bigger than you! ;-)Looks like you had a fantastic time – even from these "not-as-good-pictures"Your story about TNP's feet really made Hsin-Yi giggle!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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