We just got back from the vets with Auntie Penny. Her medications is doing ok, the fluid nearly all gone from her lungs and heart so she only had one of that tablet a day (which good, cos it made her so furry thirsty and she did wee on grandpawents bed) so it just the big heart that be the trouble now but that will never go away. She not seem any different to me, I still goes up to her and try to play bitey face and barge into her.

Here some cute piccures of me anyways. Just being me through the day.

oh yes, Mum did do askings of this afore but I forgot. She wanted me to post about her latest dogs she made. Now if you has beed a long time reader of my blog you might remember when the first one made his appearance. He not beed all that good. You lot let Mum experiment on some of you and now she has got better so she decided to make sgt. Beans pt. 2 and called him Oliver. He the same type of dog. I is not allowed to chew this one up like I did Sgt. Beans, cos he on ebay and gonna go live with someone else hopefully.

If you is new and wanna see more of Mum’s stuff you can click blog or website. But really you should just stay with me cos I is quite entertaining enough!

~lickies, Ludo

18 thoughts on “Ruff!

  1. So glad to hear Auntie Penny is doing ok. The dogs are cute. Your mum is very clever and not ony does dogs but does gorgeous cats too. My likeness is brilliant.. HUgs GJ x

  2. We are so hoping Auntie Penny is feeling better and her meds are working super good. Please give her some healing sugars from me.PS: Your momma is so very talented!

  3. Hi Ludo, good news about Aunt Penny, sounds as though things are under control.Pity about the grandpawrents bed!The pics of you are cute as ever. We like your mum's little dog – he is very cute and your mum is very clever.Our mum has recently got a silly doll's house – apparently she always wanted one and she just decided to bite the bullet. Not sure what bullet that was!Anyways she got a mini basset who is very cute – he looks like Harry, her last basset. So really she should be getting a 1/12scale Martha and Bailey at some point. She will talk to your mum soon and see what she thinks.loveMartha and Bailey xxps we couldn't believe you slipped out your collar too! We are going to have a look at the gentle leaders for Martha – she is the problem!The martingale collar takes her longer but she can still get out when she wants. We are both allowed off lead but when we start with the excited sniffing they usually try to catch us and get the leads on…….!

  4. hihi ludo!!first like, welcome back from hol-ee-day! the pictures you posted were so pretty!i am happy to hear that auntie penny is feelin' some betterment. i sure hope her heart will keep cooperatin' for many more years.*woof*the booker man

  5. We glad that Aunt Penny is doing well. We love your Mum's little dogs, she does such a pawsome job. Do they have Collieween across the pond? If so we wish you a most pawsome Collieween. Essex & Deacon

  6. We're glad Aunt Penny got some good news…we always knew she had a big heart!The little dogs are beautiful…but you are the most beautiful Ludo! Course you know that!

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