Hurro! Ok, here TNP’s piccures from our hol-ee-day. We wented back to the same place nearly we went afore, Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, only we stayed in a little cottage right by the forest this time. We stopped off in a town and met some swans. I did barkings at them. They was big and scary and very near and I wanted to get them but I not be allowed. There a couple of piccures of our little cottage too.

We got to see lots of wildlife that the forestry peoples is in charge of monitoring. Like red deers, goats, and Red kites which has just beed reintroduced in Britain and is doing very well.

 Me improving some scenery ala Hamish.

 Mum puffed out from climbing a hill.

 We drove through the forest on a toll road called Raiders road. There not beed any other people on it and it beed so beautiful we kept stopping to get out and play.

Lots of these birds efurrywhere. We nearly ran them over loads! They is called pheasants and is for eating!

Here some kites. We went to a kite feeding station where they still leaves food about for the newly let free kites so they will not starve at first. We not sure how long they will keep feeding them, but they sure did make for interesting stuffs for the peoples. I had to stay in the car.

oh and they seed this buzzard driving along.

We went here on the way home. It beed pretty boring though.

~lickies, Ludo

pee ess: Mum has got stuck inside a book. Or a whole bunch of them when she gets out of it I will do catchings up on blogging!!

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  1. Ludo, you always get to go to the nicest places. That cottage looked so cozy and all those beautiful photos were so nice to see. Thanks for sharing – Mom says she really needs to get to Scotland one day.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Ludo a beautiful place and photos to, I realy loved looking at them.If you get time can you stop by my bloggie I have something going on and would love you to join in, if mom will let you.See Yea George xxx

  3. Hi Ludo, these were beautiful pics but of course you will get no argument from us about Scotland being beautiful.We loved the pics of the deer – they always seem to be running when we see them!You are right you did enhance the scenery – just like wee Hamish did.The TNP takes some cool pics – that looked like such a cosy fire in the cottage – very romantic!We don't know what romantic means but we need human help to type and they keep adding in their own bits!Glad you had a good holiday – we are off to look at the pictures all over again.loveMartha and Bailey xxxps we do hope your mum gets unstuck in the book – maybe you could find a bookworm – that should move her!

  4. Hi LudoThey are great photos (of course, your photographer had the advantage of top rate subject material, i.e. you and Scotland).Oh, and Gail says that you did a fine job of improving the scenery, well worthy of her dear old Hamish.Toodle pip!Bertie.

  5. Hey Ludo, those are just beautiful pictures. I especially liked the little bird on top of the fence post. Such pretty colors! And the underside of the Kite's wings were beautiful too.And of course YOU'RE beautiful as always…

  6. Ludo, would you mind asking your mom if she could email me, its on my side bar, I'd like to put an order her way, but cannot see an email or contact details on her web siteThanks George xxx

  7. What a splendid place to go, Ludo!I love the deer with their big rack of horns, and all the birds too.Sorry you have to stay in the car sometimes but maybe you would put up with your leash for a bit, would you?I had computer problems but they seem to be fine, now. After a fistful of money, its all better!Hugs to you my special friend,Stella

  8. HHAHAHA BOL!! Mango wants to know if you had a blow-dry! Maisie and I are getting all fluffed up with hair too, since winter is coming. Just when we were starting to feel comfortable too..Anyways, that cottage in the forest looks pretty cool. there must of been so much stuff to smell and bark at on that trip. I am so jealous. TNP did a great job with the photos. Your gal, Morgan, (& Maisie too)!

  9. Wonderful photos, gorgeous scenery, but the best photos are the ones with you in them! :)That cottage you stayed in is sooooo pretty and quaint..(staaaaay awaaaaay from them swans!!)

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