Not soo bad

I is thinking, that I a Very Good Boy. I is sure you’ll all agree that I has come a long way from being Ludo van puppy. I has not tooked or chewed up and not-yours for ages. I does less barkings in the house. Ok, only a little bit less. I always come back when Mum asks me too, and I is pretty darn good at school.

So I do not think that Mum can be too mad that I tooked myself off for a merry little jaunt down the street today, can she? The latch on our gate kinda stiff in all this rainy weather, so the wind had blowed it open. Mum let me out and went to go do something and when she come out to see where I did be (it raining too!) I was not there. I was off, sniffing around, having a fun time. I could hear Mum shouting and squeaking my squeaker and saying mean words about not being able to find my recall whistle. But I thought it would not matter if I just came back in a minute. I came back in about 5 minutes, not long, I ran really fast in through the door. Mum just give me ‘the look’. You should try it some time, it pretty fun to be brave and just go wander on your own. Hopefully Mum not gonna try and send me away!

Ok, also, I a bit behind on my participating thingies. Firstly of all, I sure you all know about this by now. Me and Mum will be joining.

We has also joined the Holiday Card Exchange. We kinda sad that the DWB’s people still doesn’t feel up to things, but we understand and is ever so happy that 3 wonderful sets of pups have stepped up to host this one.

Also, don’t forget about George’s birthday!


25 thoughts on “Not soo bad

  1. No, no, no, Ludo, please don't do that again – you make the humans very nervous when you run off and don't come right back. We don't want anything bad to happen to you either. We know your Mum is only mad because she loves you so much. Just no more running off, OK, Ludo? Pretty please?Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. I don't run off but we have some neighbors that do — then we have to take them back home….not good — can be VERY dangerous! Best to stay at home, my friend!

  3. Whoa, Ludo! I should give you some scolds for running off, but you have probably had enough, and further, if I see a gate or door open, WHOOSH! I am gone like that. I can hardly help myself because I love big runnings and I don't get it very often (like never!) Just be furry, furry careful and mostly just don't do it! If you will try not too, so will I.Kisses,Stella

  4. Oh Ludo you must not do that because your mum would have been so worried and you could have had an accident.. Dont scare us again you little imp.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Hey Ludo, that sounds great fun. Must try it myself some day.. Toodle pip!Bertie. PS I think you might be right about the girls being the boss thing. Especially Stella!

  6. w00fs Ludo, me gots to fuss at u too, running off could git u hurted and we sure not want that…even though it sounds like fun…jodee does run offs too, and mama says she will soon see the end of a leash..b safe,r0cky

  7. Ludy, I'm sorry I can't agree with you. Even though it's exciting the whole world is a scary place to be alone! I have a great blog at that you should check out. It's a great place for pet bloggers to find & support each other.Nubbin wiggles,Oskar

  8. OMD! You went wandering!!! Am sure you scared your Mum to death! Mum let me off leash here near the pasture, cause I was being good off leash. Well, something caught my attention up the ridge and I went after it. Mum said it took about 20 minutes to get me to come back down (it was really only 2 minutes, sheesh!) and I scared her and Gracie. Don't get to be off leash again for a while till we work on that recall stuff. But it was fun, I have to admit 🙂

  9. Although I know THAT freedom and fun all too well, I wouldn't advise woo do it again -It really stresses your mum – and Aunt Penny too!So many things khould happen to woo – and none of them are good -Hugz&Khysses,Khyra

  10. Ludo!Not soo bad… but please don't do it again… ever!I don't want you to get hurt or lost!Be a good boy, ok?I hope your mom is ok after your adventure!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  11. LudoI think you awe a most wondewfully good boy and have cewtainly leawned tons since youw puppy hood, but my Mommi would have had a heawty attack if I did what you did(I on the othew hand would have had a gweat time just like you) but hoomans awe scawed that we will be huwt and have seen it happen to othews, so I hope you don't do that again OK?smoochie kissesASTA

  12. Oh Ludo, we hounds so understand your quest for adventure.Still the humans really don't like it at all.They worry about all sorts of things – we are very glad we are not humans cos we just follow our noses and don't have to think about 'consequences'!We are glad you came back quickly – so that your mum just gave you the look.Last time Bailey disappeared for 3 hours in the woods our mum didn't even talk to her!!!They can be so very silly sometimes.Good work on all the updates.loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  13. Ludo, we are going to have to agree with everyone else — Don't do those run abouts again! But, on the lighter side we also joined the card exchange this year…it sounds like fun. — Brutus & Tytus

  14. Oh yes, the moms can get REAL upset if you run off. My mom went BONKERS when Paris and I got loose this summer! Hehehee

  15. Wow, Ludo – sounds like you had a great adventure! I would have been following in your pawsteps – although I probably would have moved a lot slower and not managed to get as far…! Still, it's good you went back coz you know how these humans can get frantic when they think we've disappeared! It's better to humour them sometimes…but I know just what you mean about 'the look' – oooh, Hsin-Yi has a scary one of those too!Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  16. Oh, Ludo — your Mum's not going to send you away. From the look of things, you don't have nearly enough postage on you, anyway… – – – – – – – -Jack@PDBdog beds and more

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