Frosty mornings!

Means crispmas nearly here and you knows I LOVE CRISPMAS!!! Rrruff!

I has got two crispmas cards already, me and Mum will has to get a move on posting ours. Mum has some friends visiting on hol-ee-day this week. Yesterday and some of today we is looking after Mum’s little pretend nephew. I is not too sure about him, he be pretty scary and I doesn’t like him touching my stuffs but he do drop lots of food so I suppose he okish.

Here some piccures from the others day and out frosty morning. Mum tooked Auntie Penny out afters without me! I beed so mad mad about that that I got shut in the bathroom for timeout and grandpawents. Mum said she was gonna take me too but I barked at Auntie Penny so much and meanly that I didn’t get to go. I not believe her. I hate Auntie Penny getting to do things without me! Auntie no good at hasing her photo tooked anyway, she pretends she casnot hear and just does sniffings and pullings. (She says: I am not pulling, just walk faster)

~lickies, Ludo

21 thoughts on “Frosty mornings!

  1. Aw, Ludo, I know how you feel. I howl and put up a big fuss when PeeWee goes someplace without me, but it does no good, I can tell you. Don't worry, the humans know all about fair play and even if it doesn't feel like it, you are getting your share of attentions.Slobbers,mango

  2. Hi LudoSo I'm not the only one that gets time outs in the bathroom. Have you tried the 'protest pee' tactic….?Of course the photos of you are the best. We don't just have frost here, we have snow. Loads of it. I like it.Toodle pip!Bertie,

  3. Not fair that Penny got to go when you had to stay at home! What is wrong with your mum? LOL!Hard to believe crispmas is almost here again but we know how much you love it and look forward to reading all your crispmas posts!

  4. We have deepish snow, Ludo! Like up past my kneez. Sorry that you and Aunty Penny had a go-around. Maybe now Aunty is getting old and crabby, so you could just kind of ignore her, no more barkings!What do you say to that?Kisses,Stella

  5. w00fs, ooo Ludo, have patience.your aunt Penny is a older pup and ur mum knows she cant go at your speed…dont do mean barkings at her..they all luv you..b safe,rocky

  6. Just not fair Ludo! That Aunt Penny! But maybe if you don't bark at her mean-like you can go next time? Just pretend you like her! Hey! YOU DO like her, if I remember, have you forgotten that now that you're not living together? Poor poor Ludo, forever being taken advantage of by women-dogs! šŸ™‚

  7. We like frosty mornings too. We bet you won't be barking at Aunt Penny so much if it means that you don't get to go on walks with her.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Ludo! Did your frosty mornings turn into snowy days? We've seen some of your neighbors got snow. What about you? Now. About that barking. It seems to have become a bit of an issue about our house in the past couple of weeks. We won't say just who … but …. well, anyway … a dog needs to express himself. Right?Many tail wags,Jake (and Fergi)

  9. Ooh, Ludo – I see in your pics that you haven't got any snow yet! But my human saw on the news that England had a BIG COLDNESS and snow everywhere and schools were shut down! Do you have a nice fire in your house to keep warm? :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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