s n o w

I know for years and years and years (2) I has seed snow on your bloggies and dreamed of what it would be like if it comed to me properly, here in Saint bees. Now I knows.


The childrens all walked up our hills and came falling back down again on bits of plastic.

I not really a fan. I mean it ok… Mum seem to like it, and it fun to run around in, but it cold on the paws, and I lost my tennis ball in it. Mum made some balls out of snow. I guess I could call them snowballs. I tried to catch a couple, then decided I didn’t like it and did runnings away. I doesn’t think this snow really for me. Still, here some piccures for you anyways.

Ack, snowball!

ooof, she got me!

~lickies, Ludo


21 thoughts on “s n o w

  1. Hi LudoPretty pictures of the snow. And at least you have such a wonderful fur coat. We have load and loads and loads of snow here in Aberdeen. It was -11C when we walked to the park this morning, and I got to leave some pee mail on a very fine igloo that we found in the middle of the park! But I do agree, snowballs are no fun at all. Toodle pip! Bertie,

  2. Great pics Ludo, you look as though you are having fun!We are not keen on those plastic things that come hurtling down the hill with screaming children on!We are not keen on snowballs either and find humans acting very strangely and out of character – this is confusing for us dogs.We are having some difficulty walking up here in Scotland – combination of little legs and very deep snow….!Stay warm friendloveMartha and Bailey xxx

  3. We are so jealous Ludo because we love the snow and only get a very little each year. Too bad it wasn't fun for you. Maybe you will like it better next time.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  4. That's so funny, Ludo! For years and years and years (2) you wanted to see snow and now that you have you probably din't want to see it again for years and years! LOL! I think it is very fun to play in and zoom around in and I like to chase snowballs but don't want to be hit with them! Your pictures are very pretty and I have never seen snow at the beach before!

  5. How could you not LUV the snow…….yes it is cold but it feels so good when you coats like ours. We don't get snow where we live now and I am missing it terribly

  6. I am so happy your snow arrived safely. I am trying to get snow to all of my friends this year. We are running a little behind but I will try to get more to you very soon!

  7. We would be happy to take that snow off your paws, Ludo – just send it across the big pond. We have none! Great pics of you in the snow, maybe you could wear some boots and then you would like it better.Have lots of fun and stay safe and warm.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. w00fs, us pose to get a little snow tomorrow nite too..not much tho..u looked like u wuz having fun catching snowballs…b safe,rocky

  9. Hey Ludo – it LOOKS like you're enjoying yourselfs in da snow – so pretty on the beach! It must be weird to go onto your beach and find all this frozen stuffs! Love the photos! Wish you could send some here!Hugs xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  10. Hi Ludo! Katie likes the snow pretty much…though it makes snow balls all over her fur when she plays in it and she doesn't want to be out too long. Snow on the beach sure is neat to see! We get lots and lots of snow EVERY SINGLE YEAR…it's not Katie's mom's favorite thing. But pretty to look at from inside the warm house!Glad you had fun, and glad it's gone now. It IS gone now, right?

  11. What is with the humans and the snowballs? Cut it out! Not cute, I say. I am always getting snowballs thrown at me. Yeah, too bad about the tennis ball. You need to really keep track of them in the white stuff.Slobbers,mango

  12. Hey Ludo! I love your pitchers, and you look awesome as all ways. I fink the snow is beautiful… but I'm kinda wif you…I like lookin at it. I like the Mom bein happy about it. And if it means she stays home, woohooooo!!! But I'm not crazy about gallopin around in it.Enjoy your time wif it, my friend. It's an adventure! And I can't wait to see more!Wif love from the Luke

  13. Oh Ludo – I'm awfully jealous! I'm STILL looking at snow on other doggies' blogs and wondering what it's like! I don't know if it ever snows in Australia – my humans say there are some mountains which get a bit of snow near Sydney…maybe I might get a chance to see it one day. I loved the pictures of you jumping for the snow balls! Good thing you don't have sensitive teeth, huh? :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

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