Jingle bells jingle bells

That be the sound what Father Crisp mas makes you know when he comes to give me all my presents for being a good boy!

You might has noticed that it gonna be Crisp mas soon. New readers might not know this, but I loves Crisp Mas! Crisp mas be the same thing as Christmas, it just my Mum and grandpawents is ‘daan sauth’ England peoples and does not pronounce their ‘t’s’ very well. so when I be a little puppy I did get a little bit confused!

We is of course getting in the Crisp mas spirit. Which means putting up the decorations. I did not chew any up this year. Apart from looking at the tree I went and lied down. Santa Paws better leave me a whole lot of stuff for that one. I went and helped decorate Grandpawents tree then they come and helped me and Mum do mine… I mean ours.

Mum decided that we would get a beautiful alive tree and then just decorate it simply, with some of the decorations she has been buying what are unique or special or handmade.

I am looking up at these.

Mum made paper chains for the ceiling.
Now of course I is a sheltie, so I can get a bit scared of things. I is not too sure about these things on the ceiling and when I is at grandpawents where there is lots of them if the ceiling thingies move I does have to stop myself from doing runnings away and barking ‘the sky be falling the sky be falling’.

I has opened 7 days of my advent calendar now, which mean that there only about this many days left!! Exciting!

I has started getting my Crisp mas cards from the card exchange. We is getting ours out as soon as we can. It hard to go out on these icy roads! We not so used to it in England and they does not even come and grit our village.

Here I is opening a card from Addie, Lucie and Hailey. My sorta-other-girl-who’s-a-friend-what-I-really-likes Kylie’s Christmas Angels.

Gotta get in the practice for all them presents you know.

~lickies, Ludo


23 thoughts on “Jingle bells jingle bells

  1. What a lovely tree, although we doubt it would look just as good without you beside it Ludo.You are looking most festive.The decorations are a bit scary but you get used to them!We like sniffing the presents the best – although not everybody who comes to our house likes basset slobber all over their gifts!Well you can't please all the humans all of the time……..Much loveMartha and Bailey xxx

  2. Hi Ludo, you look so handsome in front of that beautiful tree. This is my first Crisp mas, so I am not quite sure what to expect. But I am looking forward to Gail bringing a tree into the house 'cos it's far too cold to go outside to pee at the moment, I mean that's what they're for isn't it? Toodle pip!Bertie.

  3. You did great with the tree Ludo! We hope that Santa rewards such good behavior with extra special treats. You and your mum have decorated it beautifully.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  4. Those portraits of you in front of that beautiful tree are just gorgeous, Ludo! Love seeing you open your cards and hear about why you call it Crisp mas hee hee!Big Hugs xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  5. What a beautiful tree!Misty doesn't like anything on the ceiling either. Makes her run and hide. I hope you find lots of presents under the tree.

  6. Ooh, Ludo – what a beautiful Christmas tree!! And Hsin-Yi is really impressed at how straight & symmetrical it is coz she always thought only fake trees could stand up like that – all the real ones she's seen are sort of sparse or keep drooping over to one side but yours looks gorgeous!It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit here Down Under when the sun is blazing down and it's 30 degrees and everyone is heading to the beach! So my humans have given up trying…although they do miss the Christmas atmosphere in the UK! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  7. Your tree is so beautiful! When Chrispmas is over, do you plant it outside? You looked very regal and handsome in front of your tree.We are not far along with decorations, just a little way, but its cards tomorrow and maybe after that our little tree will go on the table!Merry Crispness!Your old pal Stella

  8. Hello Ludo!! Furry nice to me yous!! :)We's puggies and came from Fiesty Three bloggy and had to stop by and say hello!! We love 'da sculpture yous Momma mades.. we's check outs hers crafy bloggy next!!Now, yous interested us's too 'cuz yous look like 'da blue merle collie 'da Momma hads growing up's named Maverick.When 'da Mommy was really little hers had two shelties like yous. 'dey sable colors. Den Grammy(mommys mom) got 'da four collies, one all white (wits blue merle head) tri-color and sable and 'da Marerick one. Butt Mommy said 'dat was really long times ago and she always smiles when she sees collies and shelties.How she came to love us's???For our velvety ears and water melon shaped bodies and devishly good looks.. snortsHugs!!IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  9. Hi Ludo,I read about you over on the Fiesty Three's blog. I thought I would pop over and say hello because we have something in common – I have a rabbit sister, too. She doesn't like me much, but I just love her.Your pal, Pip

  10. oh Ludo, you just make me smile! Love your (and I mean yours and your Mum's) tree! And I'm sure Santa Claws will send you lots and lots of pressies given you've been SO GOOD this year! 🙂

  11. Hey, Ludo! You will not believe how our dumb mama somehow saved your blog in a way that kept showing the same October post, so we thought you weren't posting now. We're so embarrassed. Good help is so hard to find, especially when they don't get paid anything.We got your beautiful Christmas card. Thank you! We're still waiting for our card order to even arrive, then mama has to address the cards and get them mailed. So look for our card sometime in the New Year.Your tree is really lovely! It's cold here, too, and we got our first minor snow today. Looks funny to see snow on a beach in your photos; snow doesn't usually stick to beaches in the mid-Atlantic states where we live. We enjoy running out in the snow, but we don't stay too long because we agree it's cold.Merry Christmas!Jed & Abby

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