Who needs presents anyways!

I really does not like my under coat being raked out. Who would, it not sound nice do it? Well Mum said my fur so so thick that it getting very knotty. Even in my mane. She beed torturing me so much pulling and making me get ouchies. I make mean faces at the brush and try to bite it, but Mum always says ‘no biting!’ if Mum does not put me on the table. Mum usually ignores me but if she looks at me and I look at her I stop making mean face and make kissy face.

But Mum managed to snap a piccure of my mean face. Faline says she gonna give this to Santa Paws as evidence about being a bad boy.

I need all my furs cos it just done this again. I really doesn’t like it now. I get snow on my feets have have to lie down to bite it off.  Although I did get zoomies in it earlier.

I has beed helping Mum with the christmas getting readyings.
Here I be helping wrap up presents.

I bored helping now, can we play?

 I off to TNP’s house now with Mum. She says she might leave me behind, last time I stayed overnight I did poos and wees on his carpet, oops. Mum thinks I might have eaten something salty so couldn’t hold it. He not beed mad, though I think he worried about his carpet a bit.

~lickies, Ludo

Pee ess from Mum: Don’t worry about the mean teeth picture, although it looks very aggressive Ludo is just very expressive with his face and voice. The actual intent to bite is not there and is all aimed at the brush and unfortunately he does need to be brushed.

29 thoughts on “Who needs presents anyways!

  1. Oh Ludo! Brushing is never fun, is it! Not for you, and not for us humans trying to make you look all pretty! Katie hates it too, though she never tried the mean face. Don't tell her about that, will you?And no more weeing on TNP's carpet! Geeze…just learn from Katie and knock TNP or your Mum up the side of the head when you want to go out! 🙂

  2. Hi Ludo We think that is this further evidence of what a very nice person TNP is, that he has invited you to stay again and is prepared to overlook your little 'indiscretions' the previous time. I am going down to stay at Gail's parents over Christmas (snow permitting) and am under strict instructions about minding my pees and poos..Happy Christmas and Toodle pip! Bertie.

  3. Oh mom does the brushing thing to, but I do like having my face brushed!!I found out today how hard them snow balls are to get out!! ended up infront of the fire all afternoon. Have a Great ChristmasSee Yea George xxxPS moms not forgot to email she just needs to get her finger out!!!

  4. Ludo I can totally relate to your mean face about the brushings! I do the same thing – I give mom my ugliest and meanist face and try to bite the brush and moan the entire time she is brushing me. You're not alone my friend!

  5. Ludo, I like your mean face! I could use you on my CSI (Canine Special Investigator) team! You would scare the bad guys away. I like to get brushed but I think it's because that is my special time with Beth everyday and I get treat afterwards. You did a great job wrapping presents….I have been having some trouble with the ribbons this year. Have a fun weekend!

  6. Your coat is so long that we can understand that it must hurt to pull the rake through. Mom had a sheltie like you years ago and she said it was very difficult to brush him too.Hope you have fun with TNP and don't make any messes – he likes you so much, you don't want to do that again.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Ludo,We are so sorry that you have been having a lot of dog grooming torture lately. It is horrible. But we do like the snow and we don't any (although it is supposed to snow tonight). Sometimes when we run around, snowballs form on our feathers and Barbara has to get them off of us. Maybe your mum could get you little booties for Christmas.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Don't worry, Ludo – I'm sure Santa Paws know that you're just a 'Fake Mean Doggie'! 🙂 That grooming does sound like torture though – I am so glad I have short fur!!I'm so jealous of all my friends preparing for Christmas. My humans are so stressy and busy with our Big Move in 2 weeks time that they just don't have any energy or time for Christmas this year, so we have no tree or anything…but I do hope I'll still get a present! :-)Slobbers,Honey the Great DaneSlobbers,Honey the Great Dane

  9. We don't particularly like having our deep furs combed out either heheh! And we think the TNP man is cool to overlook the carpet issues… when we's nervous, that happens sometimes – he obviously likes you lots, Ludo, like we do!Hugs xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  10. With my mix of furs I get MATS and I hate them. My tail is in the worst shape right now so my Mom says its time to sit down with the tools and pull them out. I bite the tools and pull away and do whatever I can to get out of this!I am glad you feel the same way about it!Kisses,Stella

  11. I feel your pain and I know you didn't really mean it when you showed your mean face to your mom! Just think positive, after the brushing, you actually feel lighter and fluffier!!!I am sure Santa Paws will give you lots of presents but you have to make sure you fall asleep though!

  12. Sometimes fierce face is required to remind the humans that we are putting up with stuff even if we don't exactly enjoy it.Slobbers,Mango

  13. Ludo Sweetie! You and I have a LOT in common, as I despise getting brushed. Mommy has to get me in a scissorslock to brush my face!! Have a great Christmas!AireSmooches,BabyRocketDogYo Ludo!! You need to wipe that growl off your face and straighten up…I am the perfet gentleman whilst getting brushed. bol. It is so good of you to help wrap gifts. Our mommy won't let us help. Phooey. You & your family have a blessed Christmas.XXX- Hootie

  14. hee hees..oh's Ludo.. yous faces was just so funny's!!don't worry.. we's not belief for a second 'dat yous mean…Oh goodness.. 'da Momma's eyes where tearing ups…too funnycute pho-toes..Hugs,IzZY, Josie, TriXie and Anakin Man

  15. That's why we go to the beauty shop. Mom says sheltie furs is best left to the professionals! Be nice to TNP's carpet this time, we bet if you wake him up to be let out, he won't mind one bit! BOL! Your gal, Morgan & Maisie too.

  16. Hi LudoThanks you for dads birthday wishes.and the rest of your comment, I had to laugh, I bet other peeps wondered what the heck you where talking about that you got my furs lol!!!I've stopped using google reader because not all my blogs I follow where coming up!!! will catch up with you soon, we are all busy this time of yearHave a Great Christmas to all your familyGeorge and Jan xxx

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