Very busy Crisp mas eve!

I has had a busy Crisp mas eve doing errands with Mum and Grandpaw whilst Grandma and Auntie Penny stayed in and baked a ham.

We had to go to the petshop and get foods for Auntie Penny and the rabbit-dogs and Mum got some last pressies for me and Penny.
Then we had to go to the wine shop. Then we went to a nice restaurant. I has beed here afore with Mum and TNP but never with Grandpaw. I got my own biscuits and some of Mum’s chips and soup and then a nice man come over and asked Mum if I could have some beef! Say Yes Mum. She did! I really liked that guy! Mum be a stupid vegetarian so I never get scraps like that. Even though I does get raw meat for dinner nothing beats people food.

Here some piccures from my outing. Not furry good ones as Mum only had her phone.

After I comed back and went for a nice walk with Mum and TNP and then Grandma come round and pinned me down and Mum cut off all my furs around my bum!! After that I so deserve lots of presents tomorrow!! Mum says tomorrow night I is going round to TNP’s Dad’s house to meet his family cos TNP wants me to go and I must be on my very best behaviour. We’ll see. Mum not beed too much fun lately, she went to hospital to have her wisdom tooth out cos it growed the wrong way. I think it took her wisdom too cos she not beed wanting cuddles off me and been saying ‘Ludo mind my mouth’ all the time.

Okies, I gotta go, we got more busy busy and Mum has to go to work now and tomorrow. Have a pawsome Crispmas efurrybody. YIIPPPPEEEE!
~ Very excited lickies, Ludo!


27 thoughts on “Very busy Crisp mas eve!

  1. Have a very Merry Christmas Ludo! So nice that you got to eat in a restaurant! They don't let dogs do that in the US unless it is an outdoor cafe. Glad that you got the beef. Hope your mom's tooth is better soon.Your friends,Niamh & Ambrose

  2. What a nice outing you had today Ludo. I hope you get everything you wanted on Christmas! I'm sure TNP's family is going to love you, and slip you lots of goodies without your mum knowing!Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi there Ludo, you good boy you!I know you will have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of goodies to play with. I hope they all have squeekers inside them.You had a very nice outing with Mom and Grandpa and beefsteak too.All happy greetings of the season,Jo, Stella and Zkhat

  4. Miaumiau, Kika am and I love having friends, come want a new year 2011 with everything good for us than 4 legs and for our owners and those owners who do not yet have the new year will bring them aRonrons ofKika

  5. We've been away for the hols, but it looks like we're the first to wish you a Happy New Year! We hope you got lots of nice pressies. And that your mom's face is all better now. Mama had all 4 of her wisdom teeth out at the same time in prehistoric times, so she is filled with sympathy for your mom. As for the bum shaving; looks to us like you have a choice: much more frequent brushing, which entails that pulling & tugging you don't like, or cutting off the matted furs. That's why we're glad to be mostly short haired doggies, although Jed does have an retriever undercoat; it's just not nearly as long as your furs.Jed & Abby

  6. We are very late in visiting, so we'll say Happy New Year, Ludo and we hope you had a wonderful Xmas Day! Those beef scraps are making us drool – how lucky you are to be able to go into a restaurant! You were great to help Mom with all those errands, but so sorries that you had to endure the humiliation of having your bum furs cut! Big Hugs xoxoxoSammie and Avalon

  7. Hi Ludo. I was busy at Christmas too. We took a trip to see Cousin Rocky.So, I am just getting around to reading this. I hope you were OK meeting TNP's relatives, sounds stressful, especially after having your butt furs ripped out. We are glad you haven't posted about Christmas yet either, cause stupid slacker mom is slacking on my Christmas post too, And new years, too. Your gal, Morgan & Maisie too

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