Merry New Year!!

I hope yous all had a better start than I did! I has beed bored. Bored bored bored bored bored.


So over Crisp mas Mum did lots of workings and visitings and stuff like that so I couldn’t post about my really cool Crisp mas! Then on the very first day of the New Year Mum caught a flu. I wish she had just gived it back! TNP tooked me for a lovely walk on the Sunnyday, just me and him and Mum come home from work early, crawled into bed and hasn’t hardly got up again until now. Mum Said colds and flu’s doesn’t normally hit her so hard but her immune system must be low from the tooth out or something.

I is lucky I has my nice new presents to play with. I lied with Mum a lot of the bed and we went to grandpawents for food but these last couple of days I has got so fed up I has beed digging the bed and whining and getting Mum to play with me from the bed. She up now and I had my normal walks and we went to the beach so I hope she all better now. Though she still cough coughing.

I has lots of fun Crisp mas stuffs to tell you about soon. Mum has to go back to work this weekend so on Monday I will post again and come visit efurryone. I hopes I did not worry no body!

Here a sneak preview!

Speak soon!
~lickies, Ludo

oh, Pee ess: Mum got a new video camera so we can do tricky T-days again. woohoo!


19 thoughts on “Merry New Year!!

  1. Wishing u a very very HAPPY, safe, healthy, joyful and peaceful New year.Don;t worry, Ludo. Mummys sometimes take life too seriously and forget about us pups and heir blogging duties. but they do come back. Your has too, see..!wags, ginger, Buddy n Shadow

  2. Hi Ludo!I am glad you had a good Crispmas and I will look forward to your Tricky T Days (but not take part although my Mom is doing some teachings for me, just easy stuff!)Its furry cold here with lots of snow and winds blowing. My Mom wants to go someplace but is having a hard time to decide it!Kisses,Stella who wishes your Mum well and a Happy New Year to your whole family!

  3. Wow, that's a big pile of presents! Someone must have bene a good boy this year.Hope your mom is feeling better soon. Its no fun being sick.

  4. Happy New Year Ludo! We are glad to hear you enjoyed your Crisp Mas! But sorry your mom got sick! Hope she feels better now!We're really looking forward to your tricky t-day videos!

  5. Happy New year LudoIt looks like you were not short of presents to open… We do hope you Mum is feeling better. Flu is very horrid, and it takes longer than you think to get properly better, so you make sure she takes care now, OK?Toodle pip! Bertie,

  6. Glad to hear your Mom is feeling somewhat better. I'm sure all that bed digging helped her get up and get moving. Good job Ludo!

  7. Merry New Year to you too Ludo, we are sorry you have been bored!It is very bad that your mum caught the flu – we hope she is all better soon.We dogs can be doing without our humans being ill.loveMartha and Bailey xx

  8. Happy New Year, Ludo and family!I hope your mom will be fully recovered soon!You sure were a good boy! You got tons of pawesome presents!Kisses and hugsLorenza

  9. We're sorry your mum has been so ill; we're glad to hear she is on the road to recovery. Who has been brushing your luxurious furs while your mum has been so ill? Don't your housemates, Aunt Penny & the rabbit dogs, play with you? At least you had all your new toys.Jed & Abby

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