Crisp mas at last!

Here my Crisp Mas video at long last! It not a very good one, Mum just experimenting with the soft wears at the moment. Quick post from me but I had a furry good Crisp mas and got lots of nice things. Of course, Santa Paws knows how very good I be. No them presents not all be for me, they for the whole family. But I like to help open everyone’s!

ok, Me and Mum will get back into proper blogging now. I gonna ‘mark all as read’ on my google reader or else I’ll be here till NEXT Crisp mas and I will come visiting as you all post again.

~lickies, Ludo


10 thoughts on “Crisp mas at last!

  1. We loved watching you with all those presents, Ludo – the humans must have been very happy for your help. Sometimes marking all as read is the only way to go – looking forward to more posts from you.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Wow, Ludo, you had a good time, I can see that! But as you say, you have been quite a good boy, so Santa Paws just piled up the sled for you!Looking forward to seeing more of you.Kisses,Your pal Stella

  3. Hi Ludo, that was a brilliant video – we thought you were very good at opening parcels.Now for some reason we have to tell you we are a bit afraid of parcels……..although we love toys!Glad you had a nice Crisp mas – happy new camera to your mum.loveMartha and Bailey xx

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