Stimulating my brains

For Crispmas I got this new toy, it like a treat ball or kong, only harder. I has always liked to get food out of things like my kong, or a puppy thing I had which I liked lots. (I on a train in that video)

! I had a tornado, but it beed very easy for me. This Nina Ottoson Dog Casino, be ranked hard. It took me a couple of minutes to figure it out, Mum followed a couple of the steps in the guide but then left me to it. This about the 3rd time I has done it all on my own and it takes me under 5 minutes. Make one really challenging huh Nina? hehe.

Well, it really miserable and windy and rainy here and I sulking cos my TNP has goned away on hol-ee-day for a whole week and I not gonna see him for ages. *sigh*
~lickies, Ludo

21 thoughts on “Stimulating my brains

  1. Oh! So sorry about the weather. Hope it clears up fast and u get some lovely bright sun filled time…Who needs a guide??!! u are doing pretty good without any help… keep going!!wags, Ginger, buddy n Shadow

  2. Great job there, Ludo – we need to get some of those brain stimulators here too. Wonder if they make them for humans – BOL.A week??? A whole week??? That is such a very long time – we sure hope time flies for you.Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. You are so smart Ludo! Oreo figured those games out real quick too. They need to make extra challenging one for shelties I guess. Oh well, it is an easy way for you to get some treats!

  4. Hey Ludo!I got a Nina toy too, from Eric Square Dog. I figured it out pretty fast, but my pal Bear has no clue!Sure you aren't a terrier?Your pal,petey

  5. Wet and windy and yucky here too, Ludo! Hope it clears soon for all of us!You're doing very well there, by the way!take careClive and Murrayps-many thanks for the comments on Sorcha's writing. Funny thing is – it was much easier to get her to write when she was younger! She is nearly 14 now and not so happy to sit down and share her feelings. However, we understand very much what you were saying … all we can say is … acceptance and understanding does come to siblings and although it can be very tough on them it does make them better and stronger kids in the end.If we can get her to share her feelings now and write about it … we will!

  6. Ludo!You are too smart for those toys!I hope the weather there will be better and that TNP will be back soon!Take careKisses and hugsLorenza

  7. Hi Ludo, hope the weather is much better by now. I can see that you are a brainy too, clever boy!Many thanks for your kind advice on Rosie's issues. It helps me too. I agree that she should do well in her education and not to worry much at this moment.

  8. You are so smart Ludo, surely it's a piece of cake for you to think of something to do despite the wind and rain outside and TNP being gone for a whole week.Toodle pip!Bertie.

  9. LOVE that doggehs can go on trains over there! Sorries about the bad weather, but boy – you are the smartest dog I know! That is such a hard puzzle and YOU figgured it out sooooooo quickly – we are super impressed! Great job!Hugs xoxoxoSammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  10. Ludo, you are a BRAINIAC! They need to invent much more difficult toys for you. Or let you do commercials for them to show those other doggies how to do it. Hope your week just flies by and TNP will be back in no time. Odds are your Mama could use some extra hugs this week too.

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